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Letters, Sept. 27

A joyful story

At times, reading the Mail Tribune has been a daily downer. Life can be disillusioning. Often, the focus of news is the darker side of society.

Monday morning I teared up with joy when I learned how a Central Point young man, Michael Lujano, assumed the care for his two nieces. Thank you for making my day,week, and maybe even longer with such an uplifting story! Please include more of a similar nature for the future!

Equally admirable are the efforts of Debbie Saxbury! I hope that the Rogue Valley realizes what a special gem she is! I have watched from afar, and noticed several occasions in the past, when Debbie has been the force connecting community to people. Thank you, Debbie, for having a gigantic heart, compassion and the intelligence to make such positive connections. You are a wonderful role model for all!

Both Michael and Debbie exemplify the effect one person can have on the lives of others!

Sheri Driskill Gibson


Reflections on a climate strike

Kudos to David von Drehle (Sept. 22) for supporting science and acknowledging the reality of global warming and its climate change consequences. We wish political leaders across the globe did likewise. Sadly, too many behave as though they do not. This is why millions across the globe came out on Friday appealing for action to protect their future.

What von Drehle seems to reject, however, are the dire consequences that those projections strongly imply. Indeed, science does not tell us what the consequences of the climate projections will be for humanity and our civilization; that’s for us to figure out.

Scientific projections tell us that our current behavior will stimulate climate transitions that will compromise the existence of natural ecosystem across the globe. This threatens the biodiversity that they comprise and the life support functions they afford us. It is well-documented that we are already entering the sixth great extinction in the history of the planet .

Importantly, the behavior that threatens our natural systems also threatens the very agriculture, forestry and fisheries that provide us food and fiber. If this doesn’t pose a threat to our civilization, it’s difficult to imagine what would. Science provides evidence; we draw conclusions!

John Limb


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