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Letters, Sept. 29

Let me give my friend a call ...

Here we are again. No. 45 by his own actions has made “fake news”. Once again the majority of the GOP sits and says nothing.

Can you just imagine the reaction by the GOP had Obama made such a call? When did it become the norm that the “leader” of the free nation breaks the law and endangers not only the security of the USA, but also puts every single citizen in harm’s way with his antics?

Yet we hear the same old song and dance. Fake news, witch hunt. The majority of American people know full well that in the course of three years the press has not changed into the enemy of the people as stated by this administration. The only thing that has changed over the last three years is that an election was held with the help of Russia to put this so called “leader” in place. It seems to have worked out well for them.

What ever happened to country before party? Shame on the GOP for letting this happen to our grand country. God Bless America.

Ron Cavalli


Survival or extinction?

What am I willing to give up to help ensure that future generations inherit a livable world? This idea has vast implications. For starters, here are some possibilities:

1. Lifestyle: Less is more. Cut back on getting stuff. Spend more time with family and friends, face to face, sans smartphone.

2. Food: Eat less meat, or no meat.

3. Transportation: Cut back flying and driving.

4. Join one of the climate change organization for giving and receiving support.

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, spent three weeks on a boat, rather than flying to New York. Making this commitment means a change in our lifestyle, a slower pace, doing less. The alternative is the extinction of our species. How to make this huge commitment is the No.1 issue we face. It’s an awesome idea. But then, look at history. Look at the protesters in Hong Kong: steady protesting for about two months. Facing tear gas and water canon. It is impossible to quench the human spirit. It surges forth, refusing to die. Be of stout heart and muster firm resolve to stay focused on our goal: a livable earth for humankind.

Carola Lacy


Another lotto scam

I have been receiving emails notifying me that I am the winner of the Lotto Netherlands which took place on the 13th of September (an ignominious choice of dates — someone in Nigeria has a sick sense of humor), and that my lucky numbers were winners in the “1,500,000 Euros category.” The sender is a Mrs. Rose Adams, who claims to be the “International Relation (sic) officer” for Lotto Netherlands.

The email goes on to say that participants from all over the world were selected through a “new global Microsoft Email generator” (right), and that my address came up as one of the lucky winners. Common sense tells us that it would be impossible to pay out one-and-a-half million Euros without a single one being paid in, but sometimes greed trumps good judgment.

Don’t waste your time replying to the email, and don’t call the telephone number listed for the “claims director” unless you want a barrage of replies asking you to send your good money in order to process your winning claim. Instead, heed the words of P.T. Barnum, and resist this obvious scam.

Michael Mace


Thanks for support

Thank you everyone who helped to make the Fifth Annual Paws for a Cause Dog Walk and Fair benefiting Friends of the Animal Shelter a big success and fun for all who attended including the 140 dogs that were there.

Thank you to the participants and dogs, loyal volunteers, generous sponsors, Nature’s Pet of Medford for hosting, vendors, distributors and many more. Look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Lorna Bolton, volunteer/event coordinator


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