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Letters, Oct. 1

Get accurate information

Please consider it your civic duty to obtain accurate and complete information about the ongoing impeachment hearings.

Start with the whistleblower’s nine- page complaint filed with the inspector general of the intelligence community on Aug.12. The document stated “urgent concern” about events surrounding a phone call on July 25 between President Trump and the newly elected president of Ukraine. The Inspector General determined the complaint was credible and that the complainant was an official with authorized access to information.

The heart of the complaint was that President Trump asked for a favor that included re-opening a closed investigation involving then vice president Biden and his son Hunter, who had ties with Ukraine. The “ask” was to get “dirt” on Biden, a possible opponent in 2020. In most eyes, that constitutes an abuse of power.

A memorandum of this phone conversation was released by the White House on Sept. 24. Subsequently the House speaker called for an impeachment inquiry. Then the director of national intelligence released the complaint to the House and Senate.

Congressman Walden may not see this as a big deal. In Trump world this is business as usual.

Your assessment of this situation matters.

Steve Haskell


Stale jokes

Would you pay good money to watch a comedian tell the same old jokes over and over again? A great comic does not necessarily change his/her style of delivery. But they must introduce new material in order to keep the audience interested enough to see the show more than once.

So, why do so many people come to see and hear the same old schtick from The Chosen One? Perhaps it’s the same reason they fill arenas to see Wrestlemania. They are easily entertained. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it!

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

Not necessarily acquired

I appreciate Sharon Johnson’s column “Health knowledge is power.” I would have said vaccinations are to be considered — not necessarily “acquired.” She mentions flu and shingles vaccines.

Glaxo Smith Kline and Seqirus both state on their flu vaccine insert, “antibody titres post-vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine have not been correlated with protection from influenza.” As reported in Cinical Infectious Diseases, “people who were vaccinated three years in a row appeared to have a higher risk of being infected with the dominant flu strain in the latter season. The findings raise questions about standard flu vaccination recommendations, which stress getting a flu shot every year.”

Merck’s single-dose Zostavax and GSK two-dose Shingrix vaccines have safety issues. Merck has over 60 pending lawsuits “on failure to disclose” safety issues. As of May 31, 2019 there have been 61,217 reports of shingles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following shingles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 179 related deaths, 2141 hospitalizations, and 1,157 related disabilities.

The incidence of shingles in the U.S. rose by 63% among 10- to 19-year-olds, suggesting a link (backed by some studies), to Merck’s mandated chickenpox vaccine. Vaccinations require informed consent; not mandates.

Michael Framson


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