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Letters, Oct. 2

Report not yet complete

I am very appreciative of the editorial Sunday on the Governor’s Wildfire Council. You accurately reported on some of the salient points of the effort.

One small correction is the report is not complete. The governor has extended the timeline for the council’s work into November. The facts that you reported on are interim findings and not official recommendations of the council yet. When the report is complete I would encourage you to take your investigative journalism to the next level and continue to ask questions of our elected officials (front page every day on “keeping them accountable”) as to what they are doing in regards to these recommendations.

Recommendations in the report all end in “actionable items.” One would expect elected officials to have thoughtful responses, as to why they are or are not pursuing recommendations in the report. The council represents a very broad cross-section of Oregon and all Oregonians will benefit from this effort.

Reporting on what is or is not being done over the next year will be incredibly helpful and educational for the public. Thank you again for being in touch with one of the most important issues of our day.

Kenneth Cummings, chair, Suppression Committee

Governors Wildfire Council

Fiscal conservatives needed

In regard to an article in the paper to put a $28 million bond on the ballot to upgrade the county 911 system from an analog to digital. What ever happened to fiscal conservatives?

Danny Jordan and the commissioners have $66 million they want to spend on a new jail we don’t need. Why can’t that money be used to upgrade the 911 system? The commissioners and Danny Jordan have known for years that the 911 system needed upgrading, so what do they concentrate on? $66 million for a new jail!

Maybe what would offset costs of the upgrade is to get rid of some of their top-heavy management and become more efficient.

Jim Hughes


EMS training open house

On Wednesday, I attended the Open House of the EMS Learning Center at RCC and hope that others availed themselves of this opportunity.

It is a teaching/training facility for the Emergency Services students at RCC and fulfilled the vision of the chair of the Emergency Services Department, Gary Heigel. It was made possible with funds provided by the Morris Family and RCC foundations. The space and equipment is all utilized with the intent of providing the most realistic, complete and effective training for the student EMTs and paramedics.

I hope they appreciate how fortunate they are and I feel all of us will benefit from their training in the years to come.

Lodi Belford


Power of one

So Rep. Greg Walden thinks Trump has not committed a “high crime.”

We Americans have a vote, one vote, not three-quarters of a vote or 99% of a vote, but one whole vote. Anyone who diminishes that vote in any way is robbing you of your one vote. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter fraud, vote tampering, an outdated Electoral College, all are forms of robbing you of your one vote. Greg Walden supports a president who wants a foreign entity to devalue your one vote.

In my opinion, Greg Walden is failing to protect his constituents’ votes. He is complicit in the Republican lockstep support of this president who actively seeks secret ways to negate your vote.

For years we have heard the cry of “constitutionalists” who insist we “return” to the letter of its words. Now, however, when the clear duties of Congress outlined in the Constitution are needed, Walden conveniently plays semantics and looks the other way. One wonders what would Walden’s definition of “high crime” be?

But more importantly, why would you vote for anyone or any political party who diminishes the value of your one vote?

Myrl Bishop


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