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Letters, Oct. 4

Country music series outstanding

I have just finished viewing the country music series presented by SOPTV and Ken Burns and can’t say enough about it. Wow! Talk about a lesson in the early times of country music.

If you were not able to view it this time try to catch it next time it is presented; it is worth it. The details, photos, humble beginnings of future artists and the loss of young artists due to alcohol and drugs. This series puts to shame the present so-called “talent shows” we are now flooded with, which I do not view nor care to. Watch it.

Believe me, it is so well worth your time. The interviews and heartache felt by so many not only brought a tear to the eyes but also a smile here and there.

Libby Ellis


This is tiresome

It is past time the Democrats stopped looking for a “crime.”

Do you recall that at the time of the 2016 election, two-thirds of the voters did not like the direction of the country? I didn’t “like” either one of the candidates, but I am so old I vote on policies. Hillary lost. Get over it. The “Resistance” has done enough damage. You have gone too far.

Enough with the double standard. Do you really think the public believes the opinions and anonymous “leaks” the media puts out? The president’s coverage has been negative, twisted and omitted all the positives since he has been in office.

The Wall Street Journal (Sept. 26) printed a transcript of the current alleged offense (phone call). Have you read it? Are you kidding me? Presidents talk about problems. And, it should be against the law to spy on those calls. Of course a biased person “leaked” it — for the fourth time!

Too bad some media inflame the public by printing anonymous, unverified allegations and opinions as “news.” I will sign my name.

Rosemary Newell


Why it matters

Why does it matter if Donald Trump asked the president of Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden?

The Constitution of the United States begins with “We the People of the United States ... establish this Constitution for the United States of America” and Abraham Lincoln emphasized that we have “a government of the people by the people and for the people.” Donald Trump didn’t ask for dirt on Biden to benefit “we the people of the United States.” He used the position and the authority of the president of the United States for personal political gain.

He has placed himself above the people of the United States and has shown that he will do almost anything, probably anything, for his personal political and financial benefit. That is why Trump’s withholding much needed funds for Ukraine to defend itself from Russian attack unless the president of Ukraine provided dirt on his political rival matters.

Bruce Evans


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