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Letters, Oct. 7

Walden refuses to fight crime

Rep. Greg Walden has hemmed and hawed about President Trump’s behavior for some time. He said the phone call in July with Ukrainian President Zelensky was not his best moment. Hmmm.

The CIA’s general counsel, Trump appointee Courtney Elwood, concluded something far different, that a potential crime had been committed. She referred the matter to the Justice Department, which subsequently (surprise) refused to even investigate.

Walden can call the daytime night and the nighttime day, but he can no longer claim to be a moral man when he fails to even question the increasingly illegal behavior of this president.

Every day that passes now, some new evidence is uncovered that paints a more damning picture of presidential criminality. Call Walden today at 541-776-4646 and urge him to represent the growing majority of Americans who support the impeachment process.

Carl Darnell


Think about it

I don’t understand why the right-to-lifers oppose contraceptives. If every woman in the world who wanted to stop having children were to have a steady, affordable, dependable, life-time access to contraceptives, abortion would no longer be an issue. Because there would be no unwanted pregnancies, and therefore no pregnancies to abort.

On a very related subject: You men out there create conception. We women need you to be more responsible. Even for you to consider getting a vasectomy.

A vasectomy does not impair your full functionality as a male, in any way. The cost is around $1,000. After having two children, replacing you and your significant other, the world does not need any more children. How about getting a vasectomy as a Christmas present to your SO? What joy it is to have sex without the threat and anxiety of possibly getting pregnant.

Too bad none of you men out there ever get pregnant. It blows my mind that many men want to control our lives. Whose life is it, anyway? You have no right to try to control our bodies. We don’t tell you what to do with yours — well, some of us may try, but the scale is hugely weighted on your side.

Think about it. Do you hear me? I said “Think about it,” seriously.

Carola Lacy


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