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Letters, Oct. 8

Tax me, but spend it wisely

Tax me.

I can afford the tax increase a new jail will make necessary. I am just not sure it is money well spent. I want violent people who threaten us locked up in our present jail. I hope we have room to jail drug dealers who bring huge amounts of dope into our communities. I want my tax burden to increase for the building and staffing of facilities to treat nonviolent offenders, trusting we can offer hope in improving conduct, rather than the cycle that brings so many back to our jail time after time.

So tax me. But spend it wisely.

Walter Thorp


Worse than Trump

In his letter Sept. 26, Alberto Enriquez asks what could be worse than Donald Trump. My answer is to have a Democrat/socialist such as Elizabeth Warren as president and have a Democrat/socialist House and Senate.

If that happens, look for more division in this country like we have never seen before. Expect more shaming and intimidation of those who disagree with socialist policy. Look for the socialist power lusters to divvy up the wealth of the country to favored groups until the feel of freedom is gone and hope is lost and the dream of what we could be as a nation is gone forever.

Individual rights as primary over the group would be no more. You would be given rights by permission from the state.

The time of reckoning has been building for decades and crunch time is here. My beef with the anti-Trumpers is not that they criticize President Trump but that they have nothing positive to offer. Nothing.

If you value liberty, individual rights and the right to keep more of what you earn, now is the time to stand up for those values before they are taken away.

Gordon W. Dickerson


Trump and truthiness

After we won Word War II — with help from our allies — it was swell being an American. Life magazine presented beautiful pictures of us, Walter Cronkite nightly gave us all the truth we needed, and we were united in steely resolve against the common enemy: godless, monolithic communism.

Everybody wanted to be us, and we wanted everyone to be us — as long as they could take ethnic slights. We told stories over turkey dinners that made us feel good about our national character. Cops rousted the bums, service and religious organizations took care of the acceptably unfortunate, and family members didn’t molest one another. Most importantly, business was booming.

Now, it’s all gone pear-shaped. Our cellphone videos of ourselves are horrific. Truth is tribal truthiness. We wage a Cold War amongst ourselves. Our societal shortcomings are camping on our sidewalks. Worst of all, business has gone global.

The solution? A con man-led kakistocracy. Ecco Donald Trump! In his hometown he’s known as a grandiose, chiseling blowhard; a lawyer-encrusted, philandering bankrupt. But in the heartland imagination he’s a non-PC, God-touched, alt-fact-fueled, single-person replacement for government, and chosen to MAGA!

Why argue with truthiness?

John Gaffey


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