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Letters, Oct. 11

What will it take?

What will it take for our Congressman Greg Walden to stand up for our nation, our Constitution and our democracy?

When the president tried to force Ukraine to dig up bogus dirt on his political rivals, Walden’s response was typically timid. It seems he has no problem with a thuggish president who encourages foreign countries to interfere in the 2020 election.

It’s bad enough that Walden opposes sensible gun laws that save lives, supports policies that tear toddlers away from their parents and has repeatedly tried to eliminate health care coverage for his own constituents. He supports a president who is decimating vital environmental protections, ruining our relationships with key allies and threatening our civil rights.

Some GOP leaders are belatedly finding the courage to stand up to this disastrous president. If only Walden could grow a backbone and join them. A good first step would be to support the Congressional impeachment investigation. We deserve to know the truth.

Carol Brydolf


Killing the host

Mindless consumerism creates catastrophic encounters with nature because it is driven by advertising rather than by public discourse. If we could explore cost/benefit analysis and participate in the process of what we produce and market, then our consumerism might develop common sense.

This process would require ongoing assessment to mitigate unforeseen negative consequences to our planet. It used to be that shamans would divine where society was breaking our accord with nature and disrupting natural processes. Today we depend on objective scientific consensus. Some would argue that there is scientific disagreement. But there has emerged over time a general consensus as to how we might live in best accord with life on earth.

Consumers are beginning to see how our behavior is destroying Mother Earth and want to make changes. But market manipulators resist those changes. Shifting financial power and control, over the market, from Wall Street to Main Street would create a new economic order. As consumers we have the power to change how we behave, as well as the power to shift the locus of control over what is produced, how it is produced, and our impact on Mother Nature. Don’t kill our host.

Daniel Cazares


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