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Letters, Oct. 14

The fires rage

In D.C. there appears to be a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, while in both camps in the rest of the nation the fires of hate, disillusionment, distrust, disappointment and discouragement rage.

Can sanity and reasonable discourse lead us to peaceful, constructive governance? Let us pray! Amen.

Juanita W. Bright


Yes on Measure 15-186

A yes vote on Ballot Measure 15-186 provides digital mobile radio equipment or upgraded radio equipment for all emergency service response vehicles. It substantially upgrades and expands coverage of the county-wide emergency radio system. If approved, this will be the first time all emergency responders are operating on the same mobile radio platform, with equal radio performance capabilities. The levy also provides:

  • A 911 center digital radio console.
  • Network controllers and servers, plus back-up.
  • An updated Microwave Radio Backbone.
  • Radio mountain top site expansion/improvements.
  • 675 digital or upgraded mobile radios.
  • System growth at 2% per year for 10 years.
  • Meets FCC required standards

Digital platforms are the current operating standard in our lives. Digital is more efficient, reliable, and provides multiple uses within a bandwidth. A county-wide emergency services radio system requires a total digital platform, versus a “Heinz variety” system, which is substantially cheaper, but outdated and prone to failure.

Pamela Johnson

Central Point

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