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Letters, Oct. 15

Can’t we do better?

If someone is run down by a car, we rush to help. If someone is run down by life, we ignore them. We have all seen them and turned away or perhaps given them money. This is not the response that is needed.

When we see an older woman pushing a shopping cart piled high and covered with a tarp, we might wonder how a fellow human being, closer to ourselves than we might want to admit, has come to such an inglorious span of the golden years.

On Saturday, a man, shaking with cold, crossed in front of our car on East Main Street pushing a bicycle precariously stacked with what could only be the barest of necessities. He could hardly walk. Where did he come from and where was he going? What a long and difficult journey his life must have been.

Should we members of a rich and successful culture feel ashamed that we have, in some confusing bureaucratic system of allotment, decided we can allow a fellow human being to struggle just to cross a street? Can’t we do better? Is it really beyond our ability to build a sustainable community for these urban refugees?

Warren Carlson and Lucille Nichols


Bedlam in Jackson County

Pat Roberston said the White House has become a House of Bedlam. Judging from Trump’s history of questionable associations, I suspect that it is also a house of prostitution. Additionally, the favors Trump awards U.S. adversaries while attacking our longtime allies borders on treacherous.

We have a House of Bedlam right here in Jackson County with State Rep. Kim Wallan and County Commissioner Colleen Roberts attacking our environment and our health each in their own way. Both of these representatives opposed HB 2020, the 2019 Clean Energy Jobs Bill, arguing that it hurt low-income Oregonians. Had they read the bill, they would have seen that it specifically invested in economic development for those of us in rural Oregon and provided free allowances to utilities to avert increased cost to ratepayers.

Furthermore, the people who become sick from the smoky wildfires that rising temperatures promote continue to suffer. Apparently, our representatives put a price tag on our health! I do not know if Wallan or Roberts have grandchildren, but if so, they seem not to care for their future.

Rather than target rural Oregonians, HB 2020 actually helped rural Oregonians with investments.

Bruce Bauer



I have to give you a shout out. In Sunday’s paper you gave as much space to the promotion of a drug that is stinking up our valley as you did to the world news.

Mike Sowell

Central Point

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