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Letters, Oct. 17

Thanks to parks crew

The Parks and Recreation maintenance crew for Bear Creek Park have done a great job with the playground, new canopies and new grass areas. It really looks inviting.

Thanks to them for all the work they’ve done. Medford is fortunate to have this beautiful park.

Rene Forncrook


Thanks for articles

Thank you so much for the wonderful, front-page, above the fold, article in Monday’s paper! “The secret language of Tweets” was fascinating!

I’d also like to thank you for the inspiring article “Innovative treatment” on the same day. In today’s day and age, we need more articles like these. Bravo!

Leesa Henselman


Beyond belief

I didn’t think I could get more outraged with Trump for his cheating again in an attempt to win the 2020 election.

What Trump has done to the Kurds is beyond belief. Everyone wants out of the Middle East, but not that way. Not leaving allies to be massacred so Trump can kowtow to Erdogan and Putin.

Trump expects loyalty, and his definition of loyalty is a person that will lie his butt off to cover his. It’s not the kind of loyalty you or I think of, the kind that would have negotiated some safe result for the ally that lost 11,000 men and woman fighting ISIS so Americans didn’t have to.

America lost six personnel during that time. The Kurds protected 50,000 Christians from sure extermination by ISIS, and were guards to thousands of ISIS fighters and their families, now unleashed.

America is going to be hated by everyone in the world, friend and foe, before this bloviating ignoramus is finished. I just wonder what lame-brained excuse Trump will feed his cult following.

Instead of asking God to bless the United States of America, we’d better start asking God to forgive Americans for electing this chaos leader.

Steve Armantrout


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