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Letters, Oct. 23

Let capitalism fix capitalism

After seven years of economic expansion in the Obama administration (unemployment dropped from 9.5% to 4.7%), and 2 1/2 years continued economic expansion under the Trump administration (unemployment down to 3.7%), the bottom 50% of Americans still struggle to make ends meet, keep up with rising medical, housing and education costs, and it is getting worse.

Yet the number of billionaires increases exponentially, and the top 1% holds more of the nation’s wealth than the bottom 80%.

The Federal Reserve reports that the “economic expansion and historic low jobless rate can mask deep inequalities in income and wealth that leave American families in vastly different financial situations.” And that “the poorest 50% of Americans are literally getting crushed by the weight of inequalities.”

Capitalism is a great engine for economic growth, and paying capitalists profits greases the wheels, but capitalism doesn’t provide fair distribution to those who work to make capitalism work.

A solution? Capitalism is the problem and capitalism should remedy it: Place a sales tax on sales of stock on the stock exchanges and use the proceeds to smooth out the inequities of capitalism. Let successful capitalism pay a dividend to all its participants.

David Beale


Barred vs. spotted owl

I find it totally ironic after almost totally decimating an entire lumber industry and the income of counties in Oregon because a few people wanted to save the spotted owl. Now they are set to slaughter the barred owl because it’s encroaching on the spotted owl’s territory.

Has no one ever heard of Mother Nature? Or have humans become so over-powerful in their own minds that they chose to play God with nature’s creatures?

Mother Nature has been taking care of her own since time began and things have worked out just fine without human intervention. But somehow humans don’t see things that way — they are God.

Humans are selectively deciding who lives and who dies and so far, man is the loser. The industries that provide jobs and income are being legislated out in order to save a creature but no one is saving man’s jobs and homes. The idea that men are allowed to slaughter an innocent bird to save another is against nature. Animals are capable of surviving without human interference. One way or another.

(I love animals more than most people and am entirely empathetic toward their plight but, truth be told, people’s lives come first).

P. Moran


Holding back the tears

As kids growing up in the 1930s and ’40s we learned in school about the American Constitution and our Bill of Rights and how these writings made our country unique. We learned about our political parties, too.

In December 1941 when our country was attacked, Americans came together like the fingers in a tightly clenched fist. Totally united, we went to war. On returning home, veterans created families, built homes and achieved success in the business world.

In our last election, Donald Trump became president. American warplanes are now bombing American air bases in the Middle East. Allies who spilled their blood in our interests have been abandoned. With heavy hearts, those kids of the ’30s and ’40s watch the daily news broadcasts in shame, trying to hold back their tears.

David L. Israel


Can you believe this?

Just when I thought Democrats had hit moral rock bottom, Hillary Clinton falsely accuses combat veteran and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of being groomed as a Russian asset!

Gabbard is campaigning as a Democratic presidential candidate from Hawaii, and I wonder why she’s a Democrat. Contrary to the rest of the candidates, Gabbard actually sounds reasonable, even if she is no fan of Trump. I think Hillary pulled that stunt because she’s planning to enter the race as a moderate and saw Gabbard as a major competitor.

I’ll bet Gabbard is seriously considering a change in party affiliation. She just learned what we normal people know: Democrats are lying, cheating, scheming, disloyal and untrustworthy.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

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