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Letters, Oct. 24

Impeachment, Biden, etc.

I’m confused (not that that is unusual these days).

G.W. Bush starts an aggressive war without cause (a Nuremberg-level crime) and — no prosecution. The bankers blow up the world financial system with shady, obscure loans, and — no prosecutions. CIA agents waterboard people (we hung Japanese for this after World War II) and — no prosecutions (in fact, one of the torturers now heads the CIA). Hunter Biden gets $50,000 a month managing a company he knows nothing about and that is even legal.

But now Trump tries to use U.S. foreign policy to hurt a political opponent, and that finally results in a prosecution? Come on! All these things are crimes and should have been prosecuted.

(In other news, Trump makes small efforts remove U.S. troops from a war in Syria that Congress never even authorized, and Congress has a hissy fit.)

Like I said, I’m confused.

Steve Soar


Thanks to Walden

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and respect to Rep. Greg Walden and his staff and his wonderful military liaison for his help and support for our veterans. I will be forever in his debt.

I am retired Tech. Sgt. Gary A. Garvin, U.S. Air Force, a 100% disabled veteran. I am terminally ill due to Agent Orange and was exposed in Vietnam, Thailand and Guam. My wife of 45 years, my son, 44, and my granddaughter (through her father) were also exposed, as well as six generations down the line. I made a commitment to our government and don’t regret it. My family did not. Rep. Walden’s help with this problem is awesome.

Gary Garvin


How will they pay?

As we hear increasing proposals for democratic socialist “benefits” from Democratic candidates, we have heard no clear proposal on how to pay.

Since Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders endorse and recommend “Scandinavian-style” socialism, do they also understand the critical role that the VAT (value added tax) plays in European economies?

If you plan to have a 25% or larger sales tax on everything to pay for these programs, and a loaf of bread is taxed at 25%, which of the buyers will ultimately suffer the most: the “rich,” the middle class or the poor? Just asking ...

Mette McDermott


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