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Letters, Oct. 27

Stop pussy-footing around

Surely, it’s time to stop pussy-footing around the issue! In addition to the obvious array of obscenities perpetrated on the nation, its people, and the world, by this president — behaving consistently as an agent of a foreign adversary — Trump is waging a full-throttle war against our environment by attacking our clean air, clean water, climate and health.

By ignoring science time after time, he is risking the very survival of human civilization. All this is undertaken in the interests of short-term profits for the wealthy few.

What is equally obscene is that Republicans from D.C. to Salem are displaying a parallel lack of concern for protecting us from this assault. If only one Republican in Congress were to exhibit some integrity and spine, and stand up against the disgusting performance in the White House, we’d have reason to think there remains in that party some semblance of decency.

If only one Republican in Salem were to exhibit an ounce of honesty in addressing climate change in the state instead of promoting the lies and misinformation propounded by industry and the timber barons, we’d have reason to think there remains some semblance of decency within the Oregon Republican Party.

Trisha Vigil


Whom he really works for

Ordering American troops out of Syria betrayed our allies, reduced our national security, encouraged ISIS terrorists and increased Russian control.

Closing down the government.

Turning people of different backgrounds against each other.

Creating an enormous national debt.

Refusing to heed climate change warnings — encouraging fossil fuel use.

There is a reason why Donald Trump will not allow his financial records to be seen. When his financial records are revealed it will clear whom he is really working for.

Mary Ellen Gordian


A contrast

Lying in repose in the old House of Representatives, on Abraham Lincoln’s catafalque, Elijah Cummings was given the love, respect and honor he so richly deserved. At his funeral in Baltimore, more praise was given a truly good, kind man who fought with his last breath to save the democracy he loved.

Conversely, we have in the Oval Office a wanna-be dictator — a man who sold out the people of Ukraine for his political purposes, literally turned the Turks loose on our Kurdish allies in northern Syria, put children in cages without even the basic things to sustain them, and on and on and on. He has surrounded himself with suck-ups, and his attorney general is a human weasel.

It’s pretty certain the House will impeach this miscarriage. It only remains for the Senate to do its job and remove him from the office he never should have held.

Jean Strong


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