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Letters, Oct. 29

Challenge Linthicum

I sure hope someone will run for the Senate District 28 seat besides Sen. Dennis Linthicum. He has been a disaster in the state Capitol.

In 2016 Linthicum made a sweet deal with the last District 28 senator, Sen. Doug Whitsett, who decided to retire without telling anyone except Linthicum. That move was so offensive that in the following session, the Oregon House passed the bipartisan HB 2945 (57-2), a bill to prevent recurrence.

Linthicum is proud to have led Senate Republicans who left the state so the Oregon Senate could not conduct its business and he bragged that his well-armed friends would protect him. He did not return until the session was over, consequently, did not vote on the majority of bills on our behalf.

He regularly writes a newsletter that is reactionary and awful. He offended black senators and representatives who had to educate him on slavery issues. He rants and roars about people he doesn’t agree with.

Please, someone run against Linthicum.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

Pass robocall bill

Congress is on the verge of finalizing legislation to stop robocalls once and for all.

Please join me in contacting your legislators to ask them to pass the House and Senate versions of this long-needed bill and send it to the president for signature. Enough is enough. If you value your privacy and are tired of unwanted calls, call on your representatives to take action.

Tom Santrizos

Grants Pass

Dumb, dumb and dumber

If the unfolding scandals created by the man in the White House and his incompetence, lack of historical perspective, corruption and criminality don’t alienate moderate Republicans, there is no hope for our republic.

If this narcissistic, ignorant, lying blowhard isn’t impeached it will be a sad commentary on the law of the land, the Constitution that he perceives to be a TV script that he can edit, manipulate and ignore.

He becomes more deranged and dangerous daily and has no idea of the consequences of his actions. The Ukraine fiasco reveals his disdain for or ignorance of the Constitution. He has not only abandoned the Kurds but created a vacuum that Russia, Syria and Turkey have filled.

What does this tell our allies about our commitment to democracy and mutual defense by giving Turkey a green light to invade the Kurdish enclave in Syria, creating massive human suffering, threatening sanctions on Turkey and then rescinding the same? is that rational thinking protecting his investments? Can anyone trust this man-child to keep his word? I fear he has no reality testing. Stable genius?

He’s a combination of the “Manchurian Candidate” and Chauncy Gardner in “Being There.” A clear and present danger!

Yale Sacks

Central Point

Rogue Valley or Skunk Hollow?

The sweet fragrance of peach, apple and pear blossoms wafting over the valley, that is spring in the Rogue Valley. The stench of dead skunk lying over the valley, that is fall in the Rogue Valley.

New ad for tourism.

Donna Lehnhardt


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