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Letters, Nov. 3

Sinclair and the Mail Tribune

I found it hard to absorb the rosy and positive outlook put forth by the MT in the announcement about Sinclair affliate Channel 10 moving into their office. Sinclair’s jaded and heavy handed overlording of their franchises with overtly right wing diatribes has our house, like reader Donald Stone, completely tuning out from Channel 10. Celebrating this alliance is surely not possible for many folks in the area. Your mostly fair reporting will be looked at with more scrutiny in the future. I understand you are in a very tough business, but dining with the wolves doesn’t seem to be the right answer.

Tom Biehn

Shady Cove

My thoughts

When the voters, mainly city folks in the northern part of the state, voted out hounds for hunting cougars and bears, the population of these predators rose.

Then wolves were re-introduced. The deer population decreased.

Now the Fish and Wildlife Department wants to legalize spike deer in Western Oregon. Before long we won’t have many deer left to feed these predators. Where do you suppose they will go then?

I hear now they want to reintroduce the grizzly bear. What next, the saber-tooth tiger?

A few months ago, Sue Kupillas wrote to the editor and I thought she made some good points. We need people like her in office that have some common sense and logical solutions. She would have my vote in any capacity she chose to run. The higher the better.

Dan Kime


Impeach and convict

So many of President Trump’s enablers seem to have no qualms of conscience regarding his withholding military assistance from Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden. Be certain that only a Ukrainian investigation which results in “dirt” will be accepted by this president. If you can’t see that one is dependent on the other, you’re being purposely blind. Open your eyes!

So, what’s the crime? This transactional president has made it well known that everything is for sale. The price, in this case and in his abandonment of the Kurds, is the confidence of our allies that the United States will honor our commitments to them — commitments that shouldn’t be bargained away for “dirt” or oil. Maybe you can “get used to” this behavior — I can’t.

One of the main Republican talking points has been, “The Democrats want to overturn the 2016 election.” Do they think Democrats will make Hillary Clinton president? Really? When Trump is impeached and found guilty, he will be replaced in office by Vice President Pence. While I may not agree with Pence on many things, he is certainly an honorable man more deserving of our respect than Donald Trump.

John Severance


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