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Letters, Nov. 5

Trump must be convicted

The president’s supporters have argued from every perspective that the impeachment process is flawed, but each supposed objection is inevitably being brushed aside by events or the courts.

In the end, their only remaining argument will be that his transgression was ill-advised but made with supposed innocent intent and did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. However, the framers of the Constitution included “bribery” as an expressed example of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

It has become patently clear that Trump attempted to extort Ukraine’s president by withholding military assistance and manifest U.S. support against Russia unless he publicly announced investigating the Bidens and also Ukraine’s alleged role in place of Russia in subverting our 2016 election. By no stretch of the imagination can this be construed as other than self-serving abuse of power and contrary to long established U.S. foreign policy objectives.

Trump must be impeached and convicted, like it or not, if the Constitution is to continue to be respected as the ultimate law of the land.

Ted Gibbs


Highway 62 now smoother?

This is great local news. Greater news would be that all the ridiculous stop lights here in Medford had been re-timed and now everyone in town can travel freely!

Whoever is in charge of the stop lights, if there is anybody, should step down or resign. I just came back after 20 years and they’re — well, all the same! Can you just imagine how much more progress could be obtained if someone started doing their job? Maybe this needs to be a headliner!

Steve Gantenbein


Another Trumper emerges

Again, a confirmed Trumper emerges from the ashes to offer his absurd thoughts (letters, Oct. 23). Like Trump himself, and so many fellow Trumpers, he just cannot let Hillary go and focus on now.

What’s genuinely amazing is that evidently the author overlooks the over 13,000 lies that Trump has spouted since taking office, his attempts to solicit and coerce a foreign nation to help in his re-election campaign, and the clear and present threat that he is an agent of a foreign adversary. All these contribute to Trump being the most corrupt White House occupant in our history.

Presumably this Trumper, like others, thinks a president who lies every time he opens his mouth, cares about no one but himself, and uses his office for personal financial gain and to breach the Constitution any time he sees fit, is somehow trustworthy.

One wonder under what rock these Trumpers live that they focus their outrage on anyone other than the current White House occupant who accuses others of everything he has done or is doing on a daily basis. They apparently accept the arrant nonsense that he and his enablers dish up without displaying any capacity for investigation or rational analysis.

Teresa Safay


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