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Letters, Nov. 7

The constituents who count

The court of public opinion will weigh in over the next months on the matter of impeachment. The testimonies of witnesses and relevant documents will be made public. The president will have an opportunity to make his case. Hopefully all of us will be paying attention. This is a serious matter.

The constituents who count the most are independents and moderate Republicans. The Democrats and Trump supporters are locked in. Most people know the story line, starting with the whistleblower statement followed by the release of the president’s “do me a favor” phone call. Then came depositions by government officials backing up the whistleblower’s account of what happened, including the “quid pro quo” piece.

Republican senators, especially those in swing states, will be under extreme pressure if a majority of their constituents support impeachment and removal from office. The choice will be to uphold their oath of office and judge the actions as unconstitutional and certainly incur Trump’s anger, vindictiveness and his ability to rile up the base. Or give him a pass. Country or party.

If he is acquitted, there is no reason to expect a change in his behavior. Another line crossed with no consequence. Troubling times, indeed.

Steve Haskell


What the left is up to

This letter is for those who don’t realize what the liberal left is up to.

For starters, they hate President Trump with a passion and will do anything possible to unseat him. If they repeat the word “impeach” often enough, there will be many who really don’t understand what actually happened.

These folks will vote for someone who wants to see our nation become a socialist one. This would not be good, as we have many examples of failed nations who have tried and failed to make socialism work. “Everyone owns everything and no one owns anything” is totally crazy and it is easy to see why this would not work. The socialist, anti-Semitics and anti-guns people should never be allowed to govern in our great nation. We must never allow the satanic forces that Hitler and the Nazi Party embodied to overtake our nation as they did in Germany. Please pray for our country.

Gordon DeVos


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