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Letters, Nov. 8


Do we want to encourage foreign governments to participate in our elections? Do we really want that?

Do we want a president who cannot be held accountable while in office or ever ? Is that what we really want?

Do we want public officials hiding information from the public? Do we want partisan tribalism or logic and morals?

Those are the questions before us.

If a divided electorate defeats our constitutional checks and balances, then fully half of that electorate will express their personal reasoning over morality and logic.

Tom Espinosa


Judge’s behavior concerning

In response to the article on Nov. 1: Knowing there is a judge in Medford who has exhibited anger and viciousness is very concerning!

I believe any judge should be forced to step down when they show evidence of blatant animosity and are so hate-filled as to dare to put in writing the negative and derogatory language outlined in the article. Such language proves they do not have the necessary, even-handed qualities needed to be a fair judge.

To hold the position of judge, one needs to be clear-minded and able to weigh facts without prejudice! Perhaps, instead, this person should return to being a lawyer. Then they can exercise their convictions to help their clients.

Pamela Heuser


Stalking horse

The facts make it clear that Trump embraces no principles except pursuit of personal gain. But in the kerfuffle over impeachment, something has been largely overlooked.

To advance his self-interest, he’s long since gone a-whoring after the core of a populist Republican Party, surreptitiously out to help its fundamentalist minority to eradicate the Jeffersonian concept of separation of church and state, enshrine anti-abortion precepts in law, and institutionalize white nationalist doctrine. The party has wrapped itself in the flag, an assault rifle in one hand, the Bible in the other.

In this tableau, their manipulation of symbols — those of patriotism, religiosity, and Constitutional literalism — masquerade as political and economic conservatism rather than the ideological absolutism they actually represent. In addition to serving power, wealth, and privilege, their proxies are out to recast the Republic in their image, and to impose their regressive view of the cosmos upon the essentially progressive character and socio-moral history of America. Trump is not a leader, but a delusional anti-president — which helps explain why they put up with and defend this silly front man so fervently: although an immoral boor, they proclaim, he’s doing God’s work on earth. Jesus wept.

Gary R. Collins


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