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Letters, Nov. 11

Increasing fire hazard

The BLM acknowledges that the Griffin Half Moon timber sale near Howard Prairie will increase fire hazard in the area. According to the Environmental Assessment for the timber sale, “increases in fire hazard and fire behavior are expected for five to 20 years following initial treatment (logging) and planting due to the conversion to a brush-fuel type as young trees and shrubs become established.” In other words, the BLM plans to convert fire-resilient older forests into dense young timber plantations that are more likely to carry fire.

Next the BLM is setting its sights on the urban/forest interface near Forest Creek, Sterling Creek and the Little Applegate River through the Bear Grub timber sale. We can only hope that the agency doesn’t again decide to increase fire hazard on public lands next to homes, farms and ranches.

George Sexton, conservation director, KS Wild


A quid pro quo

Former Vice President Joe Biden bragged about threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine as a pressure tactic to force the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor. Joe Biden’s son Hunter benefited financially from the firing of that same Ukrainian prosecutor. The actual video evidence is readily available for anyone to see.

Clearly that was “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something” (quid pro quo). The evidence of Joe Biden’s quid pro quo would be devastating were it not for the diversionary tactics of the Democrats. Biden says that his corruption cannot be substantiated. The mainstream media refuses to acknowledge or report the facts, therefore supporting the Democrats’ agenda.

The strategy of going after the president for a supposed quid pro quo could work to protect Joe Biden and achieve their goal of ousting the president. Wouldn’t that be ironic and most certainly a tragedy for our system that is based on the rule of law, due process and our election system?

Larry Schmaltz

Eagle Point

George Will’s worries

George Will worries about the future of the “$530 billion private heath insurance industry, which has 370,000 employees.”

Firstly, when has Will ever been concerned about anyone losing their job? Certainly not anyone who had their job off-shored due to his favored “free trade” policies.

Secondly, what actual value does this industry provide? Aetna has never set a broken arm. UHC has never cured anyone’s cancer.

All they seem to do is take 10-15% of every health care dollar to prevent me from seeing my choice of doctor, or keep my doctor from prescribing his recommended drug. And then wasting his time dealing with some bureaucrat to justify his treatment plan.

Maybe they should find more productive employment?

Steve Soar


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