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Letters, Nov. 15

Drop the VIP lounge

Jefferson Live! is seeking funds to complete the restoration of the Holly Theater; a worthy cause. The grand Depression-era edifice provided needed escape from the daily worries of that difficult time. We should do everything we can to preserve our history and the historic structures that provide not only beauty but context to our modern day lives.

What disturbed me in reading the Nov. 8 article in the Mail Tribune was that the front portion of the building includes a “VIP lounge” and “another lounge area on the second floor.” By designating this exclusive area for those with, presumably, more wealth or political connection, JPR is awarding special privilege to some while excluding many. This seems disingenuous from a publicly funded organization that has already received Medford Urban Renewal Agency funds and a commitment of $2 million in federal tax credits for this project.

There was an earlier time in the history of this country when, in theaters and elsewhere, segregation of another kind was accepted. Thankfully that has changed. I urge JPR to examine its core values and to drop its plan for a VIP lounge.

Dennis Godfrey

Eagle Point

Craving climate change

I have tried to tell climate change alarmists that exaggerations and lies will not, in the long run, help their cause, but they are so eager to have an existential emergency that they see visions of danger in every localized fire, storm and weather record. No denial is allowed.

What they lack is to look at real worldwide measurements as studied by qualified scientists. Worldwide, though various figures have been published, a good figure for recent warming has been 0.13 degrees Celsius per decade, or 0.38 degrees since 1979. Sea rise is several inches/century, beginning long before fossil fuels could be a factor. Fires and storms are not outside historic expectations.

The ideal world temperature level has not been determined. The best level of CO2 in air has not been determined. The increase due to human activity has not been determined.

The world is warming, slowly, and is not a crisis. The natural way is to adapt to change.

I guess, to make life meaningful, everyone needs a windmill to tilt.

Ira Edwards


Most groups are diverse

On Nov. 7 I once again read a Mail Tribune letter to the editor that proclaimed “All” (fill in the bank) are (fill in the blank) or they all believe (fill in the blank). A version of this that sets my hair on fire is: “Speaking for all veterans ” No, you don’t speak for or represent me.

When anyone makes a statement that any group all believes anything, they are stating a grand opinion that is based on their small sample, or their personal belief, that all of a targeted group is the same. That is the working definition of prejudice: judging the whole by a small sampling. All blacks, all vets, all Democrats, all Republicans — the beat goes on.

Some time back, a man I have known casually for years said, “I heard you are a Vietnam vet, is that true?” I replied, “Yes.” He said, “You don’t look like one.” Rhetorically I said, “There are some 3 million of us, what does ‘one’ look like?”

I suggest some letter writers get out of their tribal thinking and see the world as it is, with diversity within the majority of most groups.

Larry Slessler


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