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Letters, Nov. 18

Tax burden

I am in agreement, as I am sure a large number of your readership is, with K. Lambie, who brings up some good talking points about funding for the new jail.

I want to ask, does crime just affect citizens who own property? I think that answer is part of the solution of dealing with the price of crime, criminals and their incarceration.

All of us are potential targets and hence all of us need to ante up! Why not instate a temporary sales tax in Medford where everyone pays? How about increasing our collective Oregon income tax? By collecting income tax it would lessen the burden on the older generation that would wholly take a hit if property taxes were used for our new jail.

On another note, why is it such an expensive design? There are some communities much larger than ours that have much smaller facilities!

J. Copper


Just asking

The Mail Tribune printed a measles article where study author Dr. Michael Mina reported “child deaths from other infections jumped after measles outbreak, increases sometimes for two or three years.”

Fair enough, but is there other research that counters that conclusion? There is. In another peer-reviewed study, Dr. Peter Aaby examined this very question and found the opposite result: “exposed children developing clinical measles had lower age-adjusted mortality over the next four years than exposed children who did not develop clinical measles.”

In my experience, when it comes to vaccines, the media seem to unquestioningly accept cherry-picked information that health authorities want the public to believe.

My question: why do the Mail Tribune editors urge everyone take the flu vaccine, even though vaccines are recognized as “unavoidably unsafe” by Congress? After all, in 1986 Congress exempted manufacturers from liability, after they threatened to stop making all vaccines due to the injury lawsuits.

Vaccines seem to get special treatment. I don’t recall the editorials recommending use of other drugs and medications. Doesn’t good journalism on a controversial issue like vaccines require reporting contrary evidence, actual efficacy vs injury rates, conflicts of interest, and so on?

Michael Framson


End the investigation

Regarding the vote on an impeachment inquiry by the Democrats in Congress:

Of course they all voted for impeachment. Of course they want to keep their congressional seats. Of course they voted for impeachment because they are not over the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Of course they are voting for impeachment because this is the last-ditch effort to get rid of Donald Trump.

Of course they will vote for impeachment because they, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are afraid that Donald Trump will win the 2020 election and are desperate to do anything they can to remove Donald Trump from office. They are convinced that Trump has impeachable offenses because of the supposed efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate political opponents.

I urge all Democrats in Congress to get about the business of our country. Stop the investigation and get on with legislation or retire and allow dedicated people to step up to serve our country.

Our country is tired, tired of the negativity that is provoked in Congress. We need to move forward and celebrate how great our country is and be thankful. Yes, it is the season of Thanksgiving.

Barbara Field


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