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Letters, Nov. 25

Pipelines leak

On Oct. 29, the Keystone oil pipeline, operated by TC Energy (formerly Trans Canada), leaked 383,000 gallons of crude oil into a wetland near the small town of Edinburg, North Dakota. No cause is yet known for the spill.

The Keystone pipeline was completed in 2010. Since then, in addition to the Oct. 29 spill, the pipeline leaked 407,000 gallons of crude oil in 2017, 16,000 gallons in 2016, and 16,000 gallons in 2011.

I’m sure, when the Keystone pipeline was built, residents along its route were given the same reassurances we are now being given concerning the Jordan Cove Pipeline: the project is modern, high-tech, and safe. Your land, water, homes and livelihoods are not in any danger.

By the way, just two weeks after the Oct. 29 spill, another pipeline, 300 miles west of Edinburg near the town of Alexander, operated by New Horizon Resources, leaked 84,400 gallons of oil onto pasture land.

Running a natural gas pipeline across the width of our beautiful state would be a travesty. The potential risks far outweigh the benefits. Please consider these facts when deciding whether to support or oppose the Jordan Cove Pipeline.

Scott Jordan


Springbrook Corners Circle K project

Since last April, the citizens and nearby property owners surrounding the proposed Circle K project in East Medford have made several attempts to express our concerns about the viability of a such a commercial development including a gas station, car wash, store and coffee kiosk in our residential neighborhood.

We had more than 1,100 property owners sign petitions to deny the project. After two hearings, the Medford Site Plan and Architectural Commission denied the development as not being compatible or in harmony with the adjacent residents’ properties. Their decision was appealed to the Medford City Council, which voted to approve the project.

Since this decision by the Medford City Council, nearly 300 signs stating “Boycott Circle K” have been put up throughout the neighborhood. The owners of Colvin Oil/GP Energy/Circle K in Grants Pass have rejected requests for statements from several media outlets or a public statement as to their intentions. In 2017, Colvin Oil/GP Energy became a subsidiary of the Andretti Petroleum Group of San Carlos, California, and therefore are no longer a locally owned company. Do you think any of them would want a gas station and car wash in their backyard?

Steve McNeal


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