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Letters, Nov. 29

Still they support him

The man used the power of the presidency and taxpayer money to extort a vulnerable American ally for his personal gain. We saw the evidence and heard him admit it in his own words. Still the Republicans support him.

There is not enough space in a 200-word letter to list all the harm he continues to do to this country, immigrants, our military and military allies, our most vulnerable citizens, and this planet with his hateful rhetoric, despicable policies and immorality. Still the Republicans support him.

He continues spewing myriad lies every day. Still the Republicans support him and lie for him. Jennifer Rubin’s Washington Post article said it best — the Republicans have become the party of lying liars.

I suspect a supporter will read this and respond with the asinine “Trump derangement syndrome” crack, or the equally inane “we knew who he was when we voted for him” quip. To me, knowing who he was and voting for him anyway, and knowing what he is doing and still supporting him, are the ultimate derangement.

The man deserves to be impeached. He will be but probably won’t be removed from office. Because still the Republicans will support him.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Grateful for courage

This Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for the courageous public servants like Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and Dr. Fiona Hill. These patriots have risked their reputations and careers to speak in defense of our Constitution, democracy, our national interests and the rule of law.

The smear campaign against these patriots waged by the GOP and its propaganda media outlet, Fox “News,” is beyond shameful. After Fox floated the ridiculous and completely unfounded notion that Lt. Col Vindman engaged in espionage, he and his family are afraid for their lives.

Trump has also threatened these witnesses, which is in itself an impeachable act. In a sane political environment, this thuggish behavior would be condemned by both political parties. Instead, the GOP defends the man who is taking us down and lies to uphold his paranoid fantasies.

Speaking truth to power has never been so dangerous.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Rep. Greg Walden could defend our country as effectively as these impeachment witnesses? It’s way past time for him to show some moral courage.

Carol Brydolf


‘Smeargate’ or ‘Liarsgate’

Why no name for this complex goings-on? What’s it called?

Two sides spending so much time and effort to dig into the “facts” which are sure to assure a victory for “our” side. I do not have time to sit around all day listening to evidence and credible witnesses explaining and documenting the substantial information. I need sound bites. After all, this is the 21st century, isn’t it?

Just another football game for America, and hopefully I’m on the winning side for celebration and beer?

Please remember I am just a little sheep, and as I said above this is so complex and full of characters. So give us a name or a handle like Watergate where we all knew what we were talking about.

Jack Follett


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