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Letters, Dec. 5

Feed My Starving Children

This year approximately 6,200 children will die worldwide from starvation. Living in the comfort of the USA it is hard to imagine the simple hardship of just surviving in Third-World countries.

Feed My Starving Children was created to provide dehydrated meal packs to areas in the world where starvation and malnutrition are prevalent. FMSC came to Medford in 2016 and 540 volunteers assembled at the First Baptist Church on Crater Lake Avenue packed 124,632 dehydrated meals that were sent to the Philippines. Each packet of rice, soy, dried vegetables and vitamins provided four meals.

In 2017, 966 volunteers packed 201,960 meals that went to Haiti. In 2018, 868 Medford volunteers packed 202,392 servings and this year, our community packaged 282,312 meals by 1,236 volunteers.

Thank you so much Jason and Jessi Licato for leading the community in this noble effort and the businesses, churches and Rotaries that funded the event.

Buzz Thielemann


Using Putin’s defense

Trump withheld congressionally mandated aid to Ukraine to bribe its president into publicly announcing investigations that would provide erroneous talking points to benefit Trump’s 2020 campaign. This fits the constitutional example of an impeachable offense.

Republican congressional members have stumbled through various strategies to defend Trump and currently settled on the premise that Ukraine could have been responsible for interference in our 2016 elections and that the president’s actions were therefore unimpeachable. Putin is dedicated to discrediting the rationale for the sanctions on Russia and Trump has manifestly been assisting despite bipartisan congressional resistance.

Putin and his operatives have successfully infused their disinformation about Ukraine into our body politic, including Trump, thus furthering their goal of creating chaos in and shaming our democracy. Regardless, the evidence that Russia, not Ukraine, was responsible is overwhelming (the unanimous conclusion of U.S. intelligence, the Mueller Report and bipartisan Senate investigation).

By adopting this defense of Trump, Republicans are “giving aid and comfort to the enemy,” part of the wartime definition of treason. We’re not technically at war with Russia, but Putin is our enemy and is waging a successful cyber war against us. “Treasonish” Republican senators are amplifying his efforts.

Ted Gibbs


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