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Letters, Dec. 6

We’re so sensitive

In response to Jack Follett’s letter (‘Smeargate’ or ‘Liarsgate’’, Nov. 29), I would like nothing more than to give him a name or handle for the debacle we are witnessing in our nation.

There is one huge problem: The term I use on a daily basis isn’t allowed to be used in print media. We’re so sensitive in this country.

Mary Lewis


Astounded by letter

Astounding! Scientists around the world studying climate, validating and re-validating that humans are causing and increasingly causing a potentially dangerous situation by pumping increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. And with this overwhelming consensus, there are still people like Tom Clunie (Nov. 26), aligning himself with our president and discounting the whole thing.

I can understand Trump rejecting climate change with his anti-science focus. But what’s Mr. Clunie’s problem? And then, he uses as his reference a book, “Inconvenient Facts,” written by a non-scientist who works in the fossil fuel field. Astounding. Why in the world doesn’t he consider reputable climatologists? How about our own National Academy of Sciences? Or NOAA? Or The Royal Society in England? Or the Max Planck Institute in Germany? In fact, the national academies of sciences from every developed nation in the world. Why did he ignore those peer-reviewed experts? Astounding!

Carl Prufer


Third anniversary

The Democratic Party is notorious for long-term, violent temper tantrums and destructive behavior. The party’s most devastating hissy fit began in 1861 when it rejected the election of President Lincoln and started the Civil War. It was willing to destroy the country and its guarantees of freedom for all to hold on to slavery, its precious possession.

Nov. 8 marked the third anniversary of the election of President Trump, and the end of the “fundamental transformation” of the country into something the founders and most Americans would not recognize. That day also marked the transition of deep state operatives plotting secretly against an American presidential candidate to an overt war to take down the president!

For three years the American people, abetted by the media — print, broadcast and cable — were dragged through a series of carefully constructed, evidence-free, Soviet-style allegations, all promising to destroy the president and, although unmentioned, continue the “fundamental transformation” of the country. In this, the fourth year of its latest bout of madness, with the party obviously out of pro-American ideas and motivated by hatred for the president, we must ask: Has the Democratic Party, in its madness, once again, “let slip the dogs of war”?

Dennis V. Sinclair


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