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Letters, Dec. 12

Judging Trump

This man childishly calls people names and does whatever he wants while hiding behind expensive lawyers.

He has taken away environmental and consumer protections making our world less safe. He has claimed executive privilege to pardon war criminals and he claims executive privacy to hide his criminal actions.

Judge him by the content of his character, or by his words and actions.

Tom Espinosa


Public vs. corporate insurance

Right now we have open enrollment and many people are struggling with how to pick a health insurance plan that makes sense and is affordable. Whether navigating the complexities of Medicare or Obamacare — good luck!

Corporate health insurance involves a multitude of middlemen who need to make a profit to stay in business. Whether the middlemen are in the insurance or drug business, they are taking their cut out of your money, out of your premiums, copays, coinsurance or deductibles. Providers of health care are also taking a cut as they pay corporate middlemen in order to get paid themselves. Middlemen do not provide health care, but they’re costly.

Public health programs like Medicare and Medicaid presently have to pay middlemen to insure their recipients. Medicare Advantage pays HealthNet $800 per month to insure me, and I must pay all the out-of-pocket costs myself.

Why can’t we have the Oregon Health Authority take over Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare and cut out middlemen? We could have universal health care in Oregon if we control costs by cutting out all the the middlemen and their profits.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

Time to hire a new sheriff

Every year, local retired people who paid taxes all their lives are being forced to sell their homes because they are being made to pay for almost every new tax through increased property taxes. Sheriff Sickler has proved by his jail proposal that he is a tax-and-spend liberal who doesn’t give a rat’s rump about them — and they are our very best law-abiding citizens.

At the same time, Sickler has been doing little to reduce the transient population that is a substantial source of drug and property crimes in Jackson County. At the very least, Sickler’s deputies could confiscate the stolen grocery carts the transients use to haul their garbage onto the Greenway, and he knows they are in possession of stolen property!

Yes, the jail is too small, but there are far more cost-effective ways of jailing the nonviolent offenders awaiting trial. There is no justification to spend over $170 million to do it.

Let’s not victimize our best citizens any further with this multi-million dollar boondoggle of a jail, and I think it’s time to hire a different sheriff.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

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