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Letters, Dec. 13

Something missing in the report

I am puzzled about Molly Young’s article, “The report speaks for itself.” Something seems to be missing. What was going on within the family itself to lead to murder and suicide?

In the U.S., 8.5 million kids 17 or younger (12.3%) live in families with substance use, and one in three kids are in foster care due to parental substance use. In Oregon, the rate of kids entering foster care due to substance use increased by 10% in 2017. At 42.5%, substance use is the most common family stress factor according to a 2018 DHS report.

Chronic use of drugs and alcohol causes irrational thinking errors, diminished emotional regulation and increased violence by destroying brain cells and a normal nervous system. “The report speaks for itself” describes the life style of Aiden Salcido’s parents which might have been stressed by parental substance abuse.

The article does not tell us if any questions were asked or any concerns were reported about parental drug use in the case of Aiden Salcido.

Pamela Allister

Central Point

Turn headlights on in bad weather

During the last couple of days with the heavy fog that we’ve been experiencing, it amazes me how many people do not turn their vehicle lights on during the day.

During inclement weather, rain, snow, fog, etc., I have noticed that many people do not turn on their vehicle lights in order to be seen. New cars have automatic lights which may or may not notice the lack of visibility and not turn themselves on. When the weather turns bad it’s hard to see cars that don’t have their lights on and that makes it difficult to cross or merge into traffic when all of a sudden a vehicle appears.

Dark-colored vehicles, especially gray and black, are next to impossible to see under such conditions.

Daytime running lights are of no help in these situations either, as the rear lights are not illuminated, making them hard to see from the rear.

I have also noticed that there are also many people who ride bicycles that have no reflectors or lights on either the front or the back of their bicycles.

Please, people make yourself seen. Turn your lights on.

Mark McCoy

Central Point

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