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Letters, Dec. 16

Toy Run brings a smile

Saturday, Dec. 7 and was the Toy Run with all the motorcycle enthusiasts. I find it just fabulous that there is so much participation.

Big ones, little ones, two-wheeled, three-wheeled, some with one person, lots with two, American flags and toys. And a few stragglers after the big bunch.

We owe them all a big thank you for what they do. And thank you to the police escort. The run sure puts a smile on my face every year. Thank you, one and all.

Ann Hathaway

Central Point

It’s about priorities

I see that the City Council has approved $485,831 for design fees related to the proposed construction of a new City Hall on the Plaza, following the demolition of the current building and identifying a source of funding to pay for the new building.

I recall that the city estimated it would cost $450,000 to repair and re-open the Winburn Way Community Center, so this existing, beloved building can again be used by the public.

Seems to me this set of decisions says quite a lot about the priorities and interests of the City Council and the mayor. It says to me that my priority, in the November 2020 election, will be to work to see some new blood on council and new mayor too.

George Kramer


An embarrassment

You guys at the Mail Tribune are really an embarrassment. In the Dec. 5 edition you printed an article headlined, “Scholars say Trump should be impeached.”

Yes, three out of four legal scholars that appeared before Pelosi’s Judiciary Committee did say this, but you conveniently did not say they are left-leaning Democrats that from the very beginning of this fiasco were for impeachment regardless of the lack of evidence of crimes or misdemeanors. Do you know what fair and balanced reporting means?

Warren Merz


On the backs of property owners

There are so many important issues that deserve our financial attention. Updating our 911 service, a new jail, affordable housing, health care, additional shelters and mental health services, among others.

As a property owner and a person who cares about her community, it is difficult that I must vote no. Not because the issue is not important to me but because I pay nearly $4,000 per year in property tax.

It is not fair to me and other property owners, that non-property owners can vote yes for upgrades to 911, and not be liable for assisting in paying for the upgrade.

I believe we need a statewide sales tax. Or at least a county-wide sales tax. This way the cost is shared by all.

If it’s a county issue, and the issue passes, all of the residents of the county pay. If it were this way, possibly the residents of Josephine County would be willing to vote yes for additional emergency services.

Increases to the county sales tax would have to be voter approved by all!

Robin Brown


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