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Letters, Dec. 19

Through with national voting

Congress is the most dysfunctional body of government on the planet. They are partisan to the point that I am expecting a fistfight.

The entire lot should be voted out of office. They seem to have forgotten that they were voted into office to represent the people, not their party.

Well, I no longer want to be a part of this dysfunctional state. I have changed my voter registration to independent. I will vote for local issues, but not any national candidates.

I am sending this letter to the director of each party, Nancy Pelosi, Michell McConnell and that idiot in the White House.

Bob Williamson


Minority rule

Donald Trump isn’t leading the extreme right; he’s following it.

Long a fan of surreptitious business practices, he has insinuated himself as the titular leader of the movement to drag American culture and politics — which together have traced an historically progressive arc — back to an era when the white man ruled, women knew their place, immigration was primarily from Europe, alternative lifestyles were verboten, and the religious spirit of the nation was almost exclusively Christian.

This cabal, aka the “modern” Republican Party, has worked for over 40 years to establish its minority rule, to institutionalize religion and so-called “religious rights,” chip away at civil equity, limit ballot box access, further concentrate wealth in the hands of the few, diminish the contribution of women and pursue a nationalist withdrawal from global diplomacy. They despise the historic trend to a more open and diverse society, wider distribution of political power and the nation’s wealth, assurance of civil rights for all, support for a woman’s right to choose, a humane immigration policy, variety in religious belief, and the support the sciences provide for a progressive vision of society and deep understanding of the universe.

Gary R. Collins


Remember when

Remember 2003 while the Dixie Chicks were performing in London and the lead singer said she was ashamed that G.W. Bush was from Texas?

They paid dearly for talking badly about the United States on foreign soil. The right came out in droves, burning CDs, and radio stations refused to play their music. All received death threats.

On, Dec. 3, 2019 we have the president of the United States blabbing on about how “crazy the Democrats are,” how this impeachment inquiry is a “witch hunt.” Where is the outrage?

As young children we learn not to air dirty laundry. Also, when we are visiting someone at their home we are on our best behavior.

I fear that No. 45 has no control over his mouth or thoughts. There is no doubt he and his minions broke the law. But, alas, the GOP turns a blind eye. I assume that their cowardice stems from retribution from the president. It is odd that the GOP members who had no hesitation condemning Clinton for his affair cannot find the nerve to even admit that they have created a monster in letting No. 45 continue with his boorish ways. God Bless America.

Ron Cavalli


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