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Letters, Dec. 23

In defense of woodstoves

Pacific Power gets almost 59% of its electricity from coal and about 10% from natural gas, with less than 1% coming from biomass. While there is some disagreement as to whether burning wood, a biomass fuel, is more damaging to the environment than burning coal or natural gas, most experts agree that burning dry wood is less damaging than burning coal, and it produces far less greenhouse gases than burning natural gas.

Our house is heated with a certified woodstove burning dry wood only. Our firewood comes from dead trees cut down on our property and smaller trees that have been thinned, keeping our property clear in case of a wildfire and contributing to healthier trees overall. We use small twigs and limbs for kindling, and leaves and brush for mulch. We can heat our house to a comfortable temperature in the morning, and it will stay warm throughout the day with minimal additional wood. The woodstove also radiates heat throughout the night. Were we to use our heat pump for heating it would be running all day and night.

Until Pacific Power changes to all renewal power sources, I make no apologies for using our woodstove.

Ken Hawes

Eagle Point

Understand the Constitution

Apparently, the Constitution doesn’t live here anymore.

Yes, an impeachment conviction overturns the results of an election. That’s the point. Anyone who thinks this is unfair has neither read nor understands the Constitution. Impeachment is the primary mechanism our Founding Fathers gave us to ensure no man is above the law, including an elected president.

When Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president, he took an oath on the Bible, a sacred book he violates daily with his many lies, to uphold and defend the Constitution, a sacred document he also violates by refusing to honor subpoenas legally issued by Congress.

The GOP paved the Constitution and put up a dictatorship. The solution? Vote blue — no matter who — and make democracy great again.

M. Saunders


Corporate predators

Fires rampage around the world as corporate predators stoke the flames, extracting yet more death-dealing fossil fuels. These predators then purchase politicians to legalize their predation, and their corporate news supplies propaganda to make us vote for their political stooges. So what’s a smart, caring person to do?

Solution: Vote only for people who do not take corporate bribes.

The Democratic presidential primary in 2020 may be our last opportunity to elect a leader who will effectively fight to stop the ravages of climate chaos. But only one of the candidates does not take corporate predator money (never has) and vigorously stands up for life on earth and us. That is Bernie Sanders.

And now the polls show that Bernie is the most electable candidate!

To vote for Bernie in this most crucial of all primaries you must register as a Democrat by April 28. Even better, register online today!

Lee Lull


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