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Letters, Dec. 30

Somebody better?

Republicans used to be honest. What happened to you guys?

What crime does Trump have to commit before you stop defending him? (That means you, Greg Walden.)

Trump keeps saying he has done no wrong. If that’s true, why does Trump do everything he can to obstruct the investigations that would clear him?

You claim big economic gains. Couldn’t these same gains have been made under an honest president?

These “economic gains” were made at the cost of lowering of standards. No more clean air, no more clean water, no more consumer protection, unsuitable judicial nominations, lower behavioral standards, bad behavior toward minorities.

How do you square Trump’s support among evangelical Christians with his dishonesty, his corruption and his abuse of women?

Wouldn’t you rather have a real president, instead of an international joke?

Can’t you come up with somebody better?

Herbert Childs


Beautiful lights in Medford

In the Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019, Mail Tribune newspaper there was a letter criticizing the city of Medford for a lack of Christmas lights. Twice a week around 5:15 p.m., I drive down Main Street in Medford to attend a class at the YMCA and for several weeks now have been totally impressed by the lights on the trees and businesses commenting to several friends that it’s like Main Street in Disneyland. It’s really beautiful!

I am not sure where these people went, but it was not the city of Medford. Medford has a beautiful display on Main Street, and I only wish there were more businesses that attracted people so that I could see people walking about in the evening as in Ashland and Jacksonville.

Judy Burgess


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