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Letters, Feb. 2

Some things to think about

Now that we have passed another measure to increase our property taxes, let’s think about what we are paying for.

I don’t argue that we need an updated 911 system. However, with our property taxes increasing 3% annually, what can we afford going forward?

Everyone is affected by increasing property taxes. Landlords must raise rent. Homeowners making house payments must pay more. With the constantly increasing property taxes, we all end up paying in one way or another. We are challenging the individuals who are already “just making it” to keep a roof over their familyies’ heads and hopefully avoid homelessness.

Another potential hit on property taxes is the proposed jail. Do we really need an 800-bed jail in the county at the expense of property owners? Especially, when this forces residents to move to less expensive counties?

Our crime rate is easily attributed to homelessness. Do we need to keep adding to the problem? The county administrator says the new taxes will only cost “x” amount if your house is valued at $200,000. The median home value is quite a bit higher, which misleads residents in understanding the potential financial implication.

Robert Kinney


Marijuana production

The legalization of marijuana and its production has led to the importing of crime and criminals from a broad range of states.

It has empowered the black market and the massive environmentally catastrophic illegal forest grows. It has resulted in the mass ecological destruction of illegal grows in rural communities. Siskiyou County has declared a state of emergency, as it has been overrun with illegal grows and the associated criminal activities.

Growers have no regard for the environment or the community. The complete destruction of rural forest land, grading off entire hilltops, stealing water through illegal diversions, fertilizer pollution, traffic, human trash and waste, as well as massive plastic pollution are all products of marijuana production.

As usual, the county commissioners, as well as other politicians, didn’t think this thing through. I hope the industry drops like a 500-pound rock to the bottom of the ocean.

A. Kent

Central Point

Letter missed the point

Speaking of MSNBC and CNN and Kool-Aid, what on earth is Fox serving?

When I read Gail Martin’s letter of Jan. 26, she seemed to believe Jean Strong was praising Soleimani and mourning his death. Actually, Strong was trying to point out that Trump is a clear and present danger to the USA and the world, and he doesn’t give a rip about anyone but himself. Rinse, repeat, etc.

Sally Mackler


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