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Letters, Feb. 4

Remember Ukraine in November

Our allies in the Ukraine have been wounded or killed fighting an invasion by Russia because Trump withheld military aid in exchange for political dirt. He insisted on a televised statement that Biden’s son worked for a corrupt company that was under investigation.

Now, Republican senators, who approved the aid for Ukraine, say the offense isn’t impeachable and Trump should remain in office, where he can repeat this kind of behavior. Voters should remember Democratic Ukraine in November.

Mary Kalakay


Lessons from Kobe Bryant

Unquestionably, we are all triune beings — physical, mental (emotional), and spiritual beings.

Kobe Bryant’s incredibly gifted talents faded after a lengthy, stellar NBA career, which made room for a loving kindness that emerged in the last few years. Instructing athletes young and old, male and female; his patient, kind instructions were an example worldwide. This unconditional love for family, friends, former teammates and everyone he met is the example we all should practice each day.

The prominent and popular sage Eckhart Tolle was asked which consciousness was winning: the one of love and kindness or the conspicuousness consumption of greed? His answer was that both were expanding exponentially. But, his answer was that the world appears to be tipping toward to love and kindness.

Kobe Bryant has and is bringing forth much more of the much needed loving kindness in today’s world.

Jim Hawes


Disingenuous copy

Kindly stop reprinting AP copy authored by Lisa Mascaro, Eric Tucker and Zeke Miller.

Zoe Lofgren’s non-answer to the question of how the bipartisanship of the Nixon era compares to today’s proceedings was selectively quoted to make it appear as if she offered a genuine response, when she did anything but.

She didn’t even mention that the House vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry against Nixon was 410-4 because it highlights how arrogantly the Democrats have handled this matter. They have utterly failed to make this impeachment a bipartisan effort, apparently because they never much tried, a callous and stupid mistake the Democrats of the ’70s never dreamed of making.

George Nataly


Senate crowns a king

We are watching a tragic dismantling of America’s democratic principle of checks and balances.

Senate Republicans just pronounced that Trump is king. They violated their oath to support impartial justice and furthered the coverup of Trump’s dangerous conduct.

Next fall, the fate of our democracy will be determined by those who vote. The 75% of U.S. citizens who wanted a fair impeachment trial, with witnesses and documents, can create another blue wave.

Sadly, the ongoing attacks to the integrity of our elections, as documented in 2016, will make this harder. We can win, but we’d better step up in great numbers.

Julie Norman


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