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Letters, Feb. 6

Elk Trail School options

From 5-6 p.m. on Feb. 12, there will be a presentation in the Shady Cove School gymnasium by the YMCA.

The YMCA will go over proposals to turn Elk Trail School into an outdoor education school. After this presentation, the public can express their opinions at the board meeting.

At the District 9 work session on Dec. 11, the following options were presented:

1. Do Nothing

2. Put property up for sale

3. Gift property to the YMCA with legal restrictions (if not an outdoor education site, then property would return to D9

4. Unrestricted gift to the YMCA

Elk Trail School was once the community center for the parents and students who lived along Elk Creek, Trail Creek and in Shady Cove. In 2012, the board voted 3-2 to close ETS against the wishes of the community.

Mathematical evidence presented demonstrated the loss of revenue from parents moving actually cost D9 more than savings from closing Elk Trail. Also, despite claims of ETS declining enrollment, Shady Cove Elementary currently averages 30 students per grade.

If you have any past, present or future interest in Elk Trail, come listen to the presentation and then give your input.

Jim Mannenbach

Eagle Point


The pseudo-trial of Trump was indeed a low point in our history.

Republicans stopped at nothing in their pursuit of winning, and what did they win? It sure wasn’t a trial, as there were no witnesses and no seeking of information. They have embarrassed themselves when they could have been honorable.

Everyone knew the impeachment would not pass in the Senate. I greatly admire Speaker Pelosi and the House members for doing their duty for justice, knowing that only injustice would come of it.

If you voted for Trump and, at this point, don’t regret it, dig deeper. Much deeper.

T.M. Ewald


Trump’s impeachment trial

How do we deal with an outlaw president today and in the future? I watched and listened to President Trump’s impeachment trial and am disillusioned.

Besides excusing this president’s unlawful activities to get himself re-elected, the lack of honesty on both sides reinforces the reality that winning is more important than the truth, half-truths are the norm and if you don’t like the outcome spend years in litigation. This creates job security for attorneys but can only be done by those who can afford it or with taxpayer dollars.

It was also disappointing to listen to most senators ask leading questions to support their party rather than add clarity to the vote for witnesses. How many times did the president’s defense complain about lack of evidence then argue against hearing new evidence when it was offered?

What did we learn? Is political power really more important than truth? Can the president really do anything he wants? We have the power to make things better. Before voting in the next election, check for real facts from various sources when negative and positive stories about your candidates and their opponents are shared. Don’t share anything that has not been verified. Think critically!

Kathy Fennell


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