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Letters, Feb. 7

Wrong conclusion

Yes, to “Please, God, save America,” but no to Randall Hale’s conclusion. You cannot equate the Democratic Party with the Republican Party.

I shudder to think of where we would be today if it were not for the Democratic Party holding back the monied interests of the Republican Party against American workers. No Civil Rights Act, no safeguards for the working class, no Social Security, no adherence to or respect for context, history, precedence and law. The list goes on for how the Democrats have indeed pushed forward the average American worker’s quality of life, despite the Republican party.

It is not party loyalty that holds Republicans together today. It is simple greed. Republicans who were loyal to their party are turning over in their graves.

The idea that both parties are equal in perfidy is another example of willful ignorance.

Myrl Bishop



In response to Bill Hartley’s Feb. 3 letter, I wish to correct some of his misinformation. First, he’s right that the whistleblower’s account was second-hand, but its value was in indicating possible presidential misconduct.

The House attempted to investigate, but they were stonewalled by Trump’s refusal to provide any subpoenaed documents or witnesses. The whole point of having the Senate follow up, with the Supreme Court Chief Justice in attendance, was to hold the White House accountable. The DOJ has reported that they are withholding 24 Ukraine-related emails.

For a first-hand witness, there’s Trump’s attorney, Pat Cipollone, who didn’t inform the Senate that he was present when the Ukraine extortion was discussed. Or John Bolton?

If Chuck Schumer has full control of Oregon’s senators, what is Hartley’s feeling about Mitch McConnell’s behavior? Many Republican senators indicated publicly that they were not happy with Trump’s actions, yet they refused to consider other evidence.

Hartley asks if Trump committed a crime. The GAO reported that Trump did. Holding up the Ukraine money goes against congressional funding statutes.

And finally, the remarks about Nancy Pelosi were rude. If we’re going to have a proper discourse, let’s do so in a respectful manner.

Nancy Shulenberger


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