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Letters, Feb. 9

Trump nation

Democratic politicians and pundits declare that “we” can’t allow Donald Trump to be reelected. Really?

As a “never Trumper,” I support that conclusion, however, I don’t see the party doing much to prevent that from happening.

Trump excels at two levels: reality TV politics and smash-mouth politics. Each has appeal. Ethics, morality and character be damned. Supporters excuse his every action and everything he says, regardless of how far he strays from the truth. He can legitimately point to some accomplishments, but nowhere near what he claims. He is, however, extremely good at assigning derogatory nicknames.

I don’t see any Democratic candidate who can effectively counter the steamroller campaign he will wage. The “progressive” wing is an easy “too far left” target in my opinion and a more moderate candidate may lose some of their support. So the Trump machine most likely will prevail because the Democratic Party won’t have a candidate who can stand up to it and project a clear, cohesive message from a united party that will appeal to a sufficient number of voters. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me right now.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Ban polystyrene

Our waste is becoming overwhelming. The United States throws away 70 million polystyrene cups each year. These foam cups end up in the ocean. These cups and other disposable polystyrene products are causing almost incalculable damage to marine life.

In Oregon’s last long legislative session our representatives had the opportunity to ban polystyrene statewide. However, they decided to choose short-term profits for their donors over long-term human health for our children.

We must persuade our legislators that enough is enough. The burden does not belong to the consumer, but it is solely on the shoulders of the plastic foam producers. Even though some companies have pledged to phase out these cups, it is clear producers will not voluntarily change their ways. Therefore, we must legislate the change.

We can no longer sit back and allow our legislators to be influenced by the American Chemistry Council.

Spencer Young

Grants Pass

Trial alternative

It certainly is comforting to know that should I ever be called to serve on a jury, I will not need to listen to any testimony or witness accounts. I simply need to know the defendant’s political affiliation, which will be sufficient to secure my decision of guilt.

For example, Johnny is on trial for bank robbery. Several witnesses overheard his demand for money and watched him flee the bank with a wad of cash.

If Johnny and I are of the same political party, then Johnny is not guilty. He simply made a “perfect” cash withdrawal.

This ideology would save this country billions of dollars as costly trials could be eliminated along with judges, public defenders and paid attorneys, whom many folks despise anyway. Anyone accused of a crime and wishing to go to trial would simply deposit their political affiliation in a secret box. One hundred random registered voters would then be selected and their political affiliation would be used to determine guilt. If 51 are of the opposite political party, then guilty. An appropriate sentence would be life duty of working for the Trump Organization.

Dennis Hammond

Eagle Point

Consider term limits

Adam Schiff served since 2001.

Jerry Nadler served since 1992.

Bernie Sanders served since 1991.

Maxine Waters served since 1991.

Nancy Pelosi served since 1987.

Chuck Schumer served since 1981.

Joe Biden served from 1973-2017.

The above are examples why Donald Trump was elected. They are the epitome of swamp denizens and are a large part of the Deep State.

As one can see, these people are very difficult to dislodge. Term limits must be considered.

Ray Novosad

Eagle Point

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