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Letters, Feb. 10

Rip away!

I hear the sound of paper ripping!

Trump is a dinosaur trampling our collective moral compass! Fact-checkers have ripped his speech apart on content and truth. I’d like to have seen Nancy throw the shredded speech down in front of Trump.

A new protest maneuver: Stand on the town square corner and rip paper! Go to a Trump rally and rip paper!

Rip and shred Trump is the new mantra!

Stand up!

Rip away!

Barbara Griffin


The new normal

Our country has embarrassed itself courtesy of the president and the two political parties in Washington. Their lowered bar is now the new normal from which we can only go up.

Now more than ever, we need to make America great again, but with someone other than Donald Trump at the helm.

Peter Anastos


Editorial presented false choice

The editorial of Feb. 6 in support of a new jail uses a common form of persuasion, given the nickname of putting people on “the horns of a dilemma.” It presents an issue with the false choice of only two options.

I believe that we need a new jail. I also am firm in my stand that we need contracted/dedicated mental health and alcohol and drug programs with the new jail. The current pro-jail crowd wants a new jail with a nod to, and no commitment for, planned mental health and alcohol/drug programs.

If we fall for the current proposal and the new jail as is, there will be little to no reason to do anything concrete for treatment options. This is not the movie “Field of Dreams,” — “Build it and they will come.”

I suggest a no stand is a valid negotiating strategy. Take that no stand against the current jail proposal that is a stand-alone fix. Start over with the goal of a needed new jail of some kind along with contracted, dedicated, and paid for mental health and alcohol/drug programs.

Larry Slessler


Turning point

Trump does not lead; he is far too boorish and ignorant to do so. Rather, he slavishly follows the will of a “tea party” constituency and their Republican majority in the Senate.

He’s merely a clownish front man for a movement seeking to turn back the clock and flatten the progressive arc of American sociopolitical history. Nothing else explains the sycophantic support he has enjoyed on the right throughout the impeachment “trial.” Trial? Yes. A trial of the American soul. It has been an expression of a wish to halt racial justice and strength in diversity, deny equal access to the polls, re-establish religion in public schools, degrade the public school system, limit sexual equity, ensure misogynistic control of reproductive choice, encourage white nationalism, continue unfair public policy in affordable housing and neighborhood access, block more equitable wealth distribution, resist and destroy unions, expand corporate power and influence, disrupt the diplomatic corps, diminish the effectiveness of the civil service bureaucracy and, above all, justify racial and sexual discrimination in business, industry and public space.

The coming decade is corrupt conservatism’s last chance to subvert the nation’s future, and they know it. Hence, Republican desperation and abject allegiance to “Trumpism.”

Gary R. Collins


Comments disturbing

I find the comments about socialists made by the Montana GOP legislator in the Feb. 2 paper rather disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is the thought that there are constituents in his district who might be ignorant enough to believe him.

John M. Montgomery


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