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Letters, Feb. 11

Loan-out letter amusing

I chuckled at the invincible stinginess of the letter that begins “our Jackson County Library System has way too much money.” Our Library of Things (sewing machines, tools, etc.) offends because it costs money, violates warranties and takes library staff time to check out.

To be honest I don’t remember who started this kind of library offering, but it has been around in many communities for decades, from such financially conservative areas as rural Vermont to forward-thinking large cities, such as London. How often do you need a heart-shaped cake pan, a giant coffee urn, a cordless drill, a tent?

Depending on the community, each of these has made its way into a Library of Things somewhere. Why not borrow rather than buy and store these? It is the same principle that leads Midwestern farmers to rent combines from their cooperatives. To address these concerns further, all library collections are insured (no warranties) and take staff time to process so these are straw man arguments. Lastly, if you want to get maximum utility out of your tax dollars then use libraries. You may fret your taxes or enjoy their benefits. Up to you!

Meg Hartmann


Romney’s McCain moment

Only one GOP senator had a “come to John McCain” moment in the impeachment trial vote in the Senate.

Credit to Mitt Romney for doing the right thing in voting to remove the scumbag Trump. He will at least be able to look himself in the mirror and be able to go forward as an authentic, patriotic American.

As for the other GOP knob-headed dullard senators who are all suffering from cognitive dissonance, what are they seeing when they look in the mirror? Spineless cowards with no soul. What exactly does the GOP stand for anymore?

Prostrating yourself in fawning obsequiousness to a deranged malevolent autocrat is not American. In fact it is quite the opposite. One is supposed to rise above all the religious, political and tribal mores and be a sentient human being free to function in a rational manner without fear of retaliation from a tyrannical bully.

Can our democratic republic withstand this onslaught from this lawless president and his GOP sycophants? I am not so sure. We may need another revolution.

Robert Mengis


Question for Pelosi

If President Trump’s speech was so bad,why was Nancy Pelosi applauding and standing?

Donald Later


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