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Letters, Feb. 12

Helping homeless people works

Two recent letters would trash homeless people. Instead, Rogue Retreat offers a hand up to them by providing overnight shelter in Kelly Shelter and transitional housing at Hope Village, both with case managers. It works.

Those helped agree:

“I have gained self-respect and dignity. I have acquired six months clean and started to gain love for myself. I found stable living, set and accomplished goals. I’ve been reunited with my children.”

“I have been able to establish stable housing to help keep myself clean and healthy for work. I have obtained a job and kept it. And I haven’t given up. I get to advance in my life.”

“I have a roof over my head, a nice warm bed, the friendship of the best people I’ve met in a very long time.”

“I have learned a lot about others and what to expect when doing right and being honest. But most of all how to take a step back and look at myself and understand why things happened. Thank you so much for helping us in need.”

“I feel safe and secure. I no longer wake up scared and wonder where I am and where to go.”

David Beale


State of the union

We didn’t need a State of the Union to know how divided we are. Trump’s sleazy reality show is a daily reminder:

  • We have a president so corrupt that he sees nothing wrong with soliciting foreign interference in our election and a GOP too morally bankrupt to care.
  • His inflammatory rhetoric and white supremacist propaganda have fueled a surge in hate crimes.
  • He calls those who oppose him (the majority of Americans) “traitors,” “enemies” and “human scum.” He’s projecting.
  • Republicans may relish his crudity, ignorance and disinformation, but our allies do not. His ill-conceived confrontation with Iran lacks support because our supreme leader has no more credibility than theirs.
  • His policy of abusing refugees is a human rights nightmare. Jesus said that whatever we do to the least of these, we do to him. Trump is abusing Jesus.

Health care sabotage, climate science denial, ecocide, trillion-dollar deficits — the list goes on. God forbid we should ever unite behind such depravity.

We need leaders with a conscience, decent human beings who are intelligent, respect our Constitution and share the Enlightenment values of our founding fathers – in other words, the opposite of Trump.

Michael Steely


God help the United States

I don’t understand. A trial, in this country, includes testimony. It is intended to seek the factual truth. The impeachment “trial” of President Trump must have been something else.

The Republicans (all but one) voted not to uphold the impeachment by the House. A trial without testimony is not a trial. At least it never used to be.

And true to form, Trump threatened to hang any Republican dissenters from a yardarm. In other words, it was a political whitewash of facts that will shortly come out. Hopefully, people will actually read the facts and make their decision not to vote for a man who has never had an interest in facts, process or truth.

God help the United States. It needs to be protected from its current president.

Peggy Moore


Homeless question

There are two categories of homeless people: those that are “deserving of our sympathies” (unforeseen health events, no-fault job loss, etc.), and those that are “not deserving of our sympathies” (bad decision-making, lack of ambition, etc.). It would be interesting to learn what percentage falls into each category.

Maybe when the canvassing volunteers go out for the count they could ask some additional questions to get an idea? Like I said, it would be interesting.

Oh, and by the way, we do not need a huge jail to house the homeless because I fear that is where many will gravitate.

Gary Pendergast


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