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Letters, Feb. 14


It took the owner of the world champion Houston Astros one hour to fire the general manager and manager of the team after finding out that they had cheated by stealing pitching signs. It took the owner of the Boston Red Sox even less time to fire their cherished manager after finding out that he was implicated in the cheating in both Houston as a bench coach, and then as the manager of the world champion Red Sox.

Why can’t the American people be as decisive and moral about firing the president of the United States, who should be measured against the same yardstick that these baseball club owners used to appropriately fire people who had repeatedly cheated in their jobs? Unbelievable!

Harry Foster


Write a new jail proposal

Based on the editorial of Feb. 6, the editors of the Tribune apparently missed the hearing on the jail proposal held before the Jackson County commissioners last Wednesday.

Opponents of the jail-only measure were not arguing that the current jail is adequate. They were simply making the point that a huge tax levy addressing only the construction and operation of a larger jail is not an acceptable solution for Jackson County’s “crime” problem. A real solution includes money for treatment of drug addiction and services for the mentally ill before crimes are committed, before people are incarcerated.

If we’re going to be asked to approve an enormous tax increase, let’s write a proposal that includes the funds for programs already being operated in other counties which address mental health and addiction issues and keep people out of jail. The Cahoots program in Eugene is one such example.

Given the current state of mental health and addiction services for treatment and prevention in the valley, a much larger jail will no doubt be quickly filled. Perhaps that will help hide the problem but it is not a solution. Jackson County needs to take the time to write a new proposal.

Peter Ware


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