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Letters, Feb. 16

A child’s ethical education

“Johnnie, your mother and I want you to grow up to be the best person you can be. Be kind to people. Treat everyone with respect, even if you disagree with them.

“Remember, we believe that all persons should have equal opportunity and treatment in our society. Our country’s founding documents say so. Do not lie or cheat, your word is who you are and how you gain trust and respect. Do not bully others. Do not call them names. Be humble when you succeed and gracious when you don’t. You will make mistakes along the way, and when you do, apologize and take responsibility for your actions. Remember, you cannot always have your way and that others have rights too.

“And Johnnie, try to take care of your community, your country, and this planet, because you should strive to leave them better than you found them for your children and your grandchildren. If you follow these rules, you can live the American Dream and become anyone you want to be, even the president of the United States. Do you have any questions, Johnnie?”

“But Daddy, I don’t understand, how did Mr. Trump become president?”

Bruce and Chrystine Van Zee


Who is the master?

When Clinton was impeached, I was disgusted by the hypocrisy of the Democrats who tripped all over themselves to make excuses for him. Had a CEO had sex with an intern they would have rightfully wanted him thrown out.

But I have been more appalled by Republicans, many of whom claim to believe in values for which Trump is the antithesis. Love thy neighbor? Trump once said that his favorite scripture was “an eye for an eye.” After three years of watching him bully everyone, can we doubt that he meant it literally?

Thou shalt not bear false witness? Virtually everything out of Trump’s mouth is a lie. Many witnesses have testified that Trump illegally withheld aid appropriated by Congress in order to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rival.

How about humility? Have you ever heard Trump admit to making a mistake? Everyone else is “low-IQ,” but he is an “expert” at everything.

Trump will be Trump and I long ago gave up hope of him finding his moral compass. But what about the people who should know better? The ones who claim to believe in truth, justice, kindness, forgiveness and mercy? Is Jesus the master, or Donald Trump?

Steve Cannon


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