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Letters, Feb. 18

Term limits for all

I found myself somewhat agreeing with Ray Novosad’s letter Feb. 9 about considering term limits to dislodge incumbents. I found it interesting, however, that he picked only Democrats and their lengths of service in office.

How about some Republicans, such as Mitch McConnell since 1985, Chuck Grassley since 1980, Lindsey Graham since 2003 and Richard Shelby since 1988? If any of the recent events have taught us anything it is that these folks need to get back into the real working world like the rest of us Americans who pay their way.

Speaking paying their way, seniors beware: The Republicans are coming for your Social Security and Medicare benefits at some point down the road. They will have to pay for that federal deficit some how.

Wait until the next economic downturn and see how the deficit really explodes. What will the King Donald do then? I’m sure he has a plan.

Chris Glud


Jail is unnecessary

This is in response to the article on the proposed jail and current negotiations between the SEIU and Jackson County workers

I have worked for Jackson County Mental Health for over 15 years. I started as an intern and have witnessed first-hand how budget cuts and the privatization of mental health negatively impacts workers and clients.

I did not enter this field because of the income, I did it because I love the helping profession. I think county wages should match the increased cost of living in the Rogue Valley and health care.

I strongly feel that the proposed new jail is unnecessary. The money to build the jail could be better utilized by expanding mental health and drug and alcohol treatment programs. When budget cuts occur it negatively impacts the people who are vulnerable and already suffering with trauma, poverty, addiction and mental illness.

The majority of people who are incarcerated repeatedly or stigmatized as a “community problem” likely suffer from untreated mental illness or addiction. County Administrator Danny Jordan should put the clients we serve and his employees first before spending millions on a pile of concrete.

Lisa Ortiz


In favor of a better solution

In May, Jackson County residents vote on the county commissioners’ and administrator’s proposal to fund $1 billion for a county jail.

We need to plan for an appropriate-sized county jail. More urgently, we need a written plan to fund mental health services for those in need.

A majority of county residents of diverse views strongly oppose this measure. It triples the size of our jail without any written plan to fund community mental health services.

This proposal does not address issues underlying crime. Data from communities like Salem have shown cost-effective, evidence-based ways to manage mental health and addiction issues. Jail is the most costly way to handle these issues and least effective way to prevent crimes from recurring.

This unacceptable proposal gives county commissioners complete authority to manage $1 billion without oversight of county mental health services or any community involvement.

Charlotte Nuessle


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