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Letters, Feb. 21

A monster in the White House

The Cult de Trump has enabled and is responsible for creating a monster in the White House that threatens to devour our constitutional democratic republic, while Trump regurgitates fascism before our very eyes. Likewise, Republicans in Congress have sold their souls to this master of evil (evil is as evil does).

We have a country where people are more concerned about government lying about UFOs and deep-state conspiracies than Trump’s sycophants and cult members care about the lies this so-called president tells constantly every day.

While the cult chants on, Trump eliminates clean air and water regulations (I guess they don’t drink or breathe), ignores climate change, sells off our national monuments to be mined by oligarchs that export our resources, cuts Social Security and Medicare, and is attempting to eliminate pre-existing conditions from the ACA as I write, turning farmers into socialists.

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict there will come a day when the majority becomes sick and tired of being ruled by acres. When that day comes, woe be to the Republican Party that would rather cheat in elections than offer programs a majority of Americans need, that is, if we still have elections.

Steve Armantrout


Trump is no beacon of light

We constantly hear right-wingers besotted with conspiracy hoax delusions complaining about the “deep state” as an entity comprising left-wingers committed to sabotaging their freedom.

Actually, what they oppose is the long-standing institutions of government that guarantee our health and freedom, institutions such as Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control, and Justice and State departments. We are safe only when these institutions conduct business with expertise and integrity and follow traditional customs.

The real threats we face are this president and his personal attorney general who have forsaken traditional norms of behavior and now sacrifice the law and all human decency to benefit the president. They are the corrupt deep state we should fear.

Regrettably, congressional Republicans now serve merely as their lap dogs. Far from being chastised by the recent Impeachment, Trump sees his acquittal by the Senate as vindication and now even doubles down on pursuing conspicuous outright corruption and flouting the law.

Unless Republicans somehow find their integrity and their spines, or are voted out of office en masse, we will lose our freedom, our liberty and our democracy. Trump isn’t the beacon of light defending this democracy, he’s the sword of treason destroying it.

Trisha Vigil


Take back the medal

After President Trump’s buddy’s disgusting remarks on the radio about Mayor Pete, Trump should take back the medal.

He never deserved it in the first place.

Bob Clark


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