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Letters, Feb. 24

The county’s Bastille proposal

I vote for a jail being funded by marijuana fees. Or, would that be too much irony?

Pat Weber


The Democratic Party

Just when we thought the elected Democrats had exhausted their lifetime supply of scorn and spitefulness for hard-working Americans, the Constitution and our values, Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts, in their delusional arrogance, proved us wrong. Her shredding a copy of the State of the Union speech was a classic act of juvenile defiance and an obvious admission she has nothing but contempt for Americans.

The party demonstrated its incompetence in its inability to complete a tally of about 200,000 votes in the caucus in Iowa. Yet, they foolishly want us to believe they can run a Soviet-style health care program for 316 million Americans effectively.

The evidence-free, doomed impeachment attempt was another poke in the eye for Americans.

Democrats are still looking for a crime, Lavrentiy Beria-style, to pin on the president since they admit they cannot win otherwise at the ballot box.

Locally, the vitriol-filled, colon-cleansing letters erupting from keyboards and into print here indicate the writers are incapable of discussing intelligent, pro-American ideas to attract voters. If they had them, would they not use them? Can any of those writers show us how their candidates’ principles support and defend our God-given, human Constitutional rights as Americans?

Dennis V. Sinclair


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