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Letters, Feb. 27

Senate Bill 1530

Many Oregon county commissioners have commented negatively on SB 1530, a proposal to reduce Oregon’s climate pollution. Not surprisingly, our commissioners have joined the campaign of lies and misinformation fomented by the opposition forces. Apparently, they haven’t bothered to understand the problem or the proposal.

These backward commissioners don’t understand that global warming is contributing to the wildfires and smoke about which they constantly complain. They make bizarre assertions about increasing costs to the county and residents — failing to acknowledge that economic growth, not cost increases, occurred elsewhere when climate programs were established. They also claim that reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the cause for global warming, will not affect global warming.

Oregonians who care about maintaining their agriculture and forestry activities, and care about providing their children and grandchildren with a livable planet and livable country, demand action from the Legislature to reduce emissions statewide. We reject the commissioners’ effort to compromise life for our children!

Evidently our commissioners are unaware that funds generated by SB 1530 will be invested in rural Oregon, so Jackson County stands to benefit financially from the program. No! Our commissioners stick their heads in the sand, reject reality, and seek to compromise our children’s future.

Bruce Bauer


Going door to door for peace

The other day two strangers, dressed in Sunday best, knocked on our door, bringing a breath of fresh air, introducing themselves and praising our porch sign: “No War With Iran.” One opened her Bible and read a verse about peacemaking. Their goodbye was next — no sales pitch and no effort to convert. I wished them well and they headed for our neighbor’s door.

Kaine’s War Power Resolution, SJR 68, will be in the House for a vote during the week of March 2, recently having passed the Senate 55 to 45, with eight GOP Senators voting with all the Dems. Let us urge Rep. Greg Walden to support SJR 68. Our Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 11, vests solely in Congress the power to declare war.

Call Rep. Walden today at 202-225-6730 and deliver your message for peace and passage of SJR 68. Though we may differ on religion and politics, we must come together for peace on earth.

I am making this appeal on behalf of the Rogue Valley Advocacy Team, one of nearly 130 nationwide chapters of the Friends Committee on National Legislation: www.fcnl.org.

Brenda B. Gould


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