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Letters, Feb. 28

Timber story was slanted

I am shocked that you reprinted the extremely slanted Register-Guard view of the longstanding issues in the Oregon timber industry.

For 60 paragraphs the viewpoint of the timber industry was stated as fact, without any criticism, which gave the impression that curtailing lumbering in the state was unnecessary and a calamity. Loggers were referred to as “the real environmentalists.”

Only four paragraphs at the very end quoted someone who calls attention to the environmental devastation which was wrought by insufficiently regulated logging over many years. You misinform the public by such unbalanced reporting. This should be on the opinion page, not passed off as front-page “news.”

Maureen Hicks


Majkut and symphony outstanding

The conductor of the Rogue Valley Symphony, Martin Majkut, is totally amazing and really knows his music.

It was incredible to watch him conduct Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 at the Craterian on Sunday with absolutely no sheet music in front of him! And, of course, Nancy Zhou, violinist, was superb on The Butterfly Lovers Concerto.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful symphony performers in Medford and it is only a shame that they can’t perform year-round or perform at least six times a year instead of just three. But at least we are lucky to have had Martin for the last 10 years.

Keep up the outstanding work, all of you, and thanks for all you do to enrich our community. And thank you Mail Tribune for putting the beautiful photo of Miss Zhou on the cover of Tempo.

Susie Bolt



I don’t understand why people are going after Hunter Biden for his paltry Burisma income compared to the $135 million Jared and Ivanka have earned while working for Daddy.

And, I always thought truth was desired, but this White House fires you if you tell the truth. Lies seem to be the modus operandi these days.

Mary Jo Follett


Breaking news

Breaking news: Hordes of European socialists are amassing at our borders. While Meghan and Harry are job hunting, American taxpayers are being billed $396 million for our president to play golf with rich friends who have benefited from his 2017 tax cuts. (GAO estimates $3.4 million per trip for 115 trips as of Feb. 15.)

The socialists are fed up with their home countries spending on health care an average per capita of half as much as we spend in America, where we judge our “health” by the Dow Jones numbers. They believe any country ignoring its soaring national debt must be looking forward to a “healthy” future. (Health care study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.)

Barry Peckham


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