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Letters, Feb. 29

Thanks to ACCESS

In 2000, I came to the Rogue Valley as a homeless veteran. After spending three years at the VA Domiciliary, the ACCESS agency became a godsend in helping me get into an apartment, and through the years, they have helped me in many tangible ways.

I thank ACCESS because it has a mission of compassion for the have-nots of the valley. ACCESS is greatly appreciated by countless people, and personally, I am most grateful for the help I have experienced through this organization.

Thank you, ACCESS, for being there! Thank each staff member and volunteer for caring and for your day-to-day dedication to aid, to assist and to make life better for many people.

Your logo could be “At ACCESS, everyone has worth!”

“The rich and poor meet together, the Lord is maker of them all.” — Proverbs, King James Bible

Jacqueline S. Glynn


Disappointed in Wallan

I was disappointed to see that Rep. Kim Wallan, R-Medford, stood and spoke in opposition to HB 4075, the bill to ban cruel and wasteful coyote-killing contests, when it came to a floor vote. (Luckily, the bill passed and is now headed to the Senate.)

Rep. Wallan stated that she had numerous constituents requesting that she vote to support this legislation. Yet in her floor speech, she voiced concern that Eastern Oregonians hadn’t been included among the bill sponsors. Why does she care more about people she doesn’t even represent than her constituents, who took the time to discuss this issue with her?

Even worse, she admitted in her floor speech that these contests don’t happen in her district. What did she have to lose by standing with her constituents? Especially when she’s standing to speak in support of the wanton waste of our wildlife, which is held in trust for all Oregonians?

I urge Rep. Wallan’s constituents who care about wildlife conservation and the humane treatment of animals to contact Rep. Kim Wallan and ask her to start listening to the people who elected her, not people who engage in animal cruelty in another part of the state.

Wanda Borland


Who’s a sleazeball?

David Sours (Feb. 23) describes people recently pardoned or having their sentence commuted by President Trump as “sleazeballs.” There were several African American women in that group, so is he including them in that description?

Speaking of sleazeballs, though, I can name two. First of all President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich in 2001 on his last day in office. Rich was indicted in 1983 on

65 criminal counts that included tax evasion (the largest case of tax evasion in U.S. history), wire fraud, trading with Iran during the oil embargo and racketeering.

Claiming his innocence, he fled to Switzerland and was one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives. Rich’s ex-wife gave over a million dollars to the Democratic Party (which included money for Hillary’s Senate campaign and the Clinton library) prior to the pardon.

The second example is Chelsea “Bradley” Manning, who had her sentence commuted in 2017 by President Obama. She was convicted of violating the Espionage Act for leaking classified information to Wikileaks.

Those two individuals, arguably, meet the definition of “sleazeball” better than anybody pardoned by President Trump.

Maureen Stewart


Post-integrity America

I found it interesting that Leonard Pitts’ column appeared just left of Dennis Sinclair’s recurrent diatribe against the Democrats on Feb. 24. Pitts’ piece, “Living in post-integrity America,” perfectly describes how ignorant many right-wingers have allowed themselves to become.

For the record, President Trump really was impeached and will forever be known as such, with an asterisk after his name. That his cronies in the Senate were unwilling to follow through with his removal illustrated how far they’ll go to protect their financial kickbacks and retain power. Nancy Pelosi’s demonstrative ripping up of the State of the Union speech pales in comparison to Trump’s repeated stomping of the Constitution.

In this era of “my guy right or wrong,” I wonder if Trump supporters would be willing to give up Social Security and Medicare in their crusade to rid the country of dreaded Democrats. Perhaps roads, tunnels, bridges and universities could be done away with, for the cause.

In their apparent quest to reduce our country to a gun-slinging citadel of monotheism (adulterers, abusers and thieves are OK!) I would suggest they pause to revisit their level of integrity.

They might find it in the same place they left their dignity.

L.J. Zinkand


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