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Letters, March 5

Vote them out

Let’s see — Do Republicans actually do anything?

Oh, yeah: Nationally, they betray their oaths of office, they steal judicial appointments and refuse hearings, they boycott evidence being considered, refuse bringing votes to the Senate floor, they gerrymander districts, weaken voting rights, and don’t defend elections from Russian and other foreign interference, they cage children and threaten all our future generations via inaction, they deny science and climate change, cut health services and dismiss disease control experts and funding that actually protects us, they appoint part-time flunkies and support an entirely corrupt president. Here in Oregon, they just walk off their jobs in the Legislature, hide, and refuse to even provide a quorum to find solutions, vote or even address the serious issues we truly face.

Their bankrupt “vision” is destroying our democracy and undermining the credibility of our nation and our state. Do what you can, loudly. Let ’em know and then vote them out!

Rob Hirschboeck


Must-see TV

When wildfires forced many residents to stay indoors and curtail outdoor activities, they no doubt turned on the tube to pass the time.

Now, the coronavirus poses that same threat to our wellbeing. So put some spicy wings in the oven, pop open a brew or pour a glass of Merlot, and binge watch your favorite shows.

There is one you should not miss. If you subscribe to Netflix, I urge your household to watch the series “Dirty Money.” It tells the stories of some of the most unprincipled, greediest, money-grabbing companies and individuals in modern history.

One episode is especially intriguing. “The Confidence Man” chronicles the life and business practices of the man some call “The Chosen One.”

Do you, after viewing the show, believe the stable genius when he tells Americans not to be concerned? That it is the liberal, fake news outlets stoking fear? That we should not trust doctors and scientists? That his VP will pray away the pandemic and a miracle will end the crisis?

If you still believe in fairy tales, have patience. There will be plenty of DJT’s N95 face masks available on the MAGA website. But beware; they are made in China.

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

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