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Letters, March 10

Senate Bill 1530

In principle, Senate Bill 1530, the cap and trade bill, was no different from last year’s House Bill 2020. It is still a tax on everyone and a socialist wealth re-distribution scheme.

The Republican senators who walked out of the statehouse in protest against the bill should be commended for their courage. It is not only a political issue but a moral one as well.

The senators were willing to commit an act of civil disobedience and accept the consequences to keep their integrity intact. They were being forced to vote on a bad bill that violated their consciences and responsibility to their constituents.

It’s not that the Democrats didn’t have choices. They could have referred the issue to the people via a referendum as the Republicans suggested or agree not to vote on the bill this session.

The argument that the people do not have enough knowledge of the bill to make an informed choice is specious. They may not know the details but they do know the principles involved. To say it is the Republicans stopping the actions on other important bills is disingenuous at best.

Gordon Dickerson


Support Wild and Scenic designation

McKee Bridge Historical Society was incorporated in 1999 to maintain Oregon’s most beautiful covered bridge, and “to promote historic preservation and restoration action of other historically significant sites” in the Little and Upper Applegate watersheds. The Society fully supports the pending nomination to designate 197 miles of streams in our area as Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Pioneers and miners built ditches or sought riches along these streams, yet they left these reaches flowing freely for later generations to enjoy and protect. Some segments have virtually no trace of human disturbance — we should honor that heritage, too.

Wild and Scenic recognition will enhance tourism in our rural valley and let our children and their children experience the wonders of the Applegate River and its tributaries pre-development, as Nature made them.

Laura Ahearn, president, McKee Bridge Historical Society


Linthicum walks out again

Sen. Dennis Linthicum (District 28) has walked out again from his responsibilities.

Linthicum is among the Republicans who want to destroy the foundations and institutions that made our country what it is. It is not a perfect country/system of governance, but it is far ahead of the second-place country.

This gang of selfish sellouts wants to divide and rule. With Trump as their model, they are willing to trash democratic traditions.

They seem to believe that they own the “truth,” and if they can’t get their way they are willing to sabotage the system. They fan the flames of their followers and are willing to burn down the house we live in.

It is extremely important for everyone to vote for the candidates who will do the best job for the most people. Whether in the majority or minority, whoever is elected needs to play by the rules and serve their constituents as well as all Oregon citizens. Public health and safety, education and essential services are to benefit all people and elected officials have a responsibility to provide that — not just run away from things they don’t like.

Come on, Sen. Linthicum, do your job. Come on people, vote.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

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